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General Questions

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The Universe

Classes and Races

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PvP Gameplay


Ships and Ship Equipment


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What is EVE Online?


EVE is a sci-fi massively multi-player roleplaying game that takes
players into a vast galaxy of space exploration and ship command. 
EVE gives the opportunity for players to forge their own path by taking
away the constraints of typical class play and level-based progression. 
You can do whatever you'd like and be whatever you'd like!

Q: What is the story behind EVE Online?

Long ago Earth inhabitants bravely traveled through a
wormhole to a unknown part of the universe.  It was here, at the
far side of the wormhole, that they settled New Eden and branched out to
colonize the surrounding solar systems.  With the help of Earth,
New Eden grew and prospered until the wormhole collapsed in a
catastrophic event leaving the new settlement on their own cut off from
their source of supplementation.

Without the aid of their home planet,
New Eden settlers struggled and most perished.  Those that did
survive went on to foster new communities and develop new technologies
which allowed for civilization to once again explore space and find
other colonies that managed to survive.  It is during this period of growth and fragile peace amongst the ruling empires
where players will find themselves when they enter the ever changing New
Eden. href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/20629">

Is EVE Pay-to-play?

Yes.  EVE has a monthly subscription of $14.99USD (€ 14.95). 
Unlike many other games who will only take credit/debit cards or the
occasional gamecard, EVE accepts these as well as a wide variety of various
payment options that include cash option through a payment service.

What platforms can you play EVE on?

EVE Online currently supports gameplay on PC and Mac systems.

What are the system requirements?


Minimum system requirements for PC:

  • OS: Windows® XP / Vista
  • CPU: Intel Pentium® or AMD @ 1 GHz
  • RAM: XP – 1 GB / Vista – 1.5 GB
  • HD space: 6gig Free Space
  • Network: 56k modem or better Internet connection
  • Video: 64 MB Shader Model 2.0 Graphics cards such as GeForce FX
    (5 series) class card or higher, ATi 9500, x300 series or higher and
    Similar chips from other manufacturers
  • Drivers: DirectX® 9.0c (included) and latest video drivers
  • DVD-ROM : 2 speed DVD reader or greater required.

Requirements for Mac:

  • The client does not run on a PowerPC (G3/G4/G5) based Macintosh
    Machines (PowerMac). MacBook laptops are also not supported nor the
    Mac Mini.
  • Supported hardware is MacBook Pro laptops, Mac Pro machines and
    iMacs. All these machines have to meet the following minimum
    requirements below:
  • CPU: Intel based computer with CPU speed equal or greater than
  • OS: OS X 10.5.6 or later.
  • Video: ATI X1600 or NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT or higher with 128 MB
    of Video RAM
  • RAM: 1024 MB or more
  • HD space: 6.0 GB
  • Network: 56k or better Internet connection

Q: Are there various server

EVE Online is highly unique in that all players play on a
single "server".  It is actually comprised of multiple servers that
work together to allow for all players to play together in one instance
of the game.  It is this amazing feat that makes it possible to log
in game and see 50,000 players or more online all at once!

Since EVE Online is an established game, is
it difficult for a new player to get started?

EVE Online launched in May 2003 making it a well established
game.  While often players will find starting in a game that has
been around for a while daunting, EVE has a thriving community that has
new players rolling in constantly.  The community is set up in such
a way that when you first log in, you are in touch with other new
players through new player chat and the corporation making it clear that
you are not alone!

Q:How many expansions are available?

EVE Online boasts 10 expansions since
.  All these expansions are available to every
player who purchases the original game and have traditionally been
added into game as free content.

Does EVE Online has Player versus
Player gameplay?

Yes!  What fun would it be to have a spaceship if you
couldn't shoot at other spaceships?  PvP is really a integral part
of life in New Eden.  With corporation wars, and open battle in low
security areas of space, PvP gameplay is always readily available and

If EVE Online doesn't have levels, how
does a character progress?

Rather than using a level based system such as
most of the popular MMORPGs today, EVE Online uses a skill based system

You progress your character through these skills and gain advancement
and power through your selection of skills. 


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016