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General Questions

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The Universe

Classes and Races

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PvP Gameplay

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Ships and Ship Equipment

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How important are skills in EVE Online?

EVE Online is a skill based game which means they are everything. 
Skills are your character's primary form of progression.

Q: Do I start out with skills?

 You start out with a set of skills appropriate for your
race.  You can choose to upgrade these skills or jump right in to
gain new skills the moment you step into game.

Where can I see my skills?

 Click on your character sheet and select the
"Skills" tab.  You will see the various skill types with dropdown
menus that show the skills that you already have.  You'll also find
your training queue here that allows you to plan your training.

There are so many, how do I know which
skills I need?

Skills can be very overwhelming at first glance. 
You'll want to sit down, research, and decide your goals.  Do you
want a bigger ship?  More fire power?  Extra protection for
your current ship?  Most of these things mean training in new
skills.  Once you've decided what you want, find the skills that
allow you to obtain them.

How do I train in a skill?

A: If you already have the skill then all you need to do is
find it on your character sheet and right click to choose to train to
the next level.  If you do not already have the skill you'll need
to learn it first.  Skill books are obtained through enemy drops,
other players, or the marketplace.  These will train you to the
first level of the skill and allow you to progress that skill.

Do I need to buy a skill again to upgrade it?

No.  Once you have learned the skill, you don't need to
buy it again and can just train to the next level.

How long does it take to train in a new skill?

It varies.  Generally, lower level skills are quick to
train.  They gradually take more time the higher level they are. 
Some might take minutes, others will take many days or weeks.

What determines how long it takes
to train in a skill?

 Your attributes.  Each skill will have a
primary and secondary attribute assigned to it.  The higher the
points you have in these attributes, the quicker you will train in the
skill.  You can see your attributes on the character sheet and you
can view the attributes assigned to each skill by right clicking the
skill on your skills list and selecting "show info".

Do skills train while I'm offline?

Yes.  Skill training happens in real Earth time
so even when you aren't playing, you are still training.  A recent
addition to EVE Online was the skill training queue so it is wise to set
up your queue so that you are always training in the skills that you
want even while you're toiling away at work!

Is it possible to train in all

A: Sure.  If you spend the rest of your life playing EVE
Online then maybe you could train in every single skill to the highest
level.  You might want to do other things though so I wouldn't
worry about accumulating skills just to have them.

Q: Is
there an easier way to manage all my skills?

Yes, thank goodness.  A player recommended and EVE Online
approved application to manage skills is
This is an offline program that takes your character information and
allows you to play with your skills in a "what if" scenario and has a
skill build feature that lets you save various builds.  It is a
valuable resource that makes skill management quite a bit easier.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016