The Fallen Arena in the Prison of Elders is a wide-open area with very little cover and a lot of enemies gunning to take you out. If you and your team aren’t working in sync, there’s not a lot of hope for making it out of the Fallen Arena in one piece.

That being said, if your team works as one and you follow these tips, there’s a very good chance you’ll make it through even at the highest level. Read on for our tips on the Prison of Elders Fallen Arena.

Stick to the Edge of the Map

The Fallen Arena is an open one with not a lot of cover. Your only chance of survival is to stay around the edges of the map where you can at least be sure you wont be getting attacked from behind (unless you’re standing in front of a door).

That being said, the Fallen possess a lot of long range weaponry in the form of Vandal Snipers and Servitor void blasts, so don’t think that just because you have some distance between you that you’re safe. Use the high ground to get away from ground level enemies or to use as cover from high up ones if you need a moment to recharge your health.

Sticking Together

Your best bet for survival in the wide-open arena is to move through it as a single unit. Sudden death is a very real possibility in this space, which will be riddle with enemy captains and sniper vandals. Having your teammates focusing targets with you will reduce the amount of damage you take, and will ensure someone is there to revive you if you do bite the bullet.

Staying together will also allow you to detect enemy ambushes more effectively so that they don’t have the time to do any damage. Stealth sword vandals are particularly potent at rapid assassinations.

Going for Objectives

Of particular difficulty are the objectives, especially defusing the mines. The mines will each spawn on raised platforms on the right and left as well as one in the middle. There is not a lot of cover on these platforms, which will also put you right in the sights of the vandal snipers waiting with their wire rifles.

Run as a team to each mine to increase the speed at which you disarm it. Not only will it reduce the amount of time you have to spend on the exposed platform, it will allow you to make your way to the next mine location faster so you can clear those enemies out.

If the objective is VIPs, organize your heavy weapon fire to shred the target as fast as possible and then return to cover. The idea is to limit your exposure to as short a time as possible to avoid the barrage of wire rifle shots and servitor orbs.

Pick the Right Gear

If you’ve faced the Fallen before you will probably be familiar with their fondness for Arc shields, particularly on their Captains. Make sure you’re packing at least one secondary weapon that does arc damage so you can quickly deal with their shields and get working on their health. The Thunderlord machine gun is particularly good at this.

That being said, you should always pay attention to what elemental burns are being used that week. If it’s void burn, be sure to bring a heavy void weapon.

House of Wolves also brought in many new weapons that are specifically geared towards doing damage to the Fallen. Several Sidearms and a few primaries have unlocks that allow them to do bonus damage specifically to Fallen enemies.

What Classes Perform Best?

The open nature of the map makes the Titans Ward of Dawn an extremely valuable piece of kit to any team, especially when it comes to dealing with the mine objectives. If you have a Titan friend, you may want to ask them along the next time you’re running the Fallen gauntlet.

The other classes can all perform fine on this map but must make use of cover any chance they get if they’re going to survive.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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