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April 6th, 7th, and 8th, 2006


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Fan Faire News!



Ok, so it's over. Fan Faire was an absolute riot. I'm still trying to process all the information, so expect more blog and an interview from Coyote. Stay tuned.



The Community Summit Roundtables were today for various members of the community. Dupe bugs, ,future expansions, guild changes, ,and tradeskill revamps were discussed. Stay tuned for an indepth report. The summit is really gearing up as many have started to arrive and register. Keep checking back for pictures and news.



Only four days left until Fan Faire! If you're going, you're already packing, I know you are. If you didn't pre-register, OMG YOU MISSED IT! Relax though. You can still register at the event itself. If you do happen to attend, be sure to find me and say hello. Coyote will also be in attendance and hopefully sober most of the event. Get all the info on the event here.


Blackguard announced information has been posted about the offsite party being held at Fan Faire. It'll be at the Historic Tabernacle and should be a total blast. I also saw the entertainment listed. There will be karaoke, a DJ, and local bands for our enjoyment. Be sure to check out the Official Fan Faire Webpage for further details.



Blackguard Announced Pre-Registration is extended through 03.27.06. If you want your in game item be sure to go to the SOE Fan Faire website and register today!



There is a thread currently in the Non-Gameplay Discussion area discussing who is going. I know some of you are even shrieking at the thought of having to go into NGD but according to the thread the following should be in attendance (and this isn't exhaustive): Blackguard, Brenlo, Raijinn, Crolack, sandor at the zoo, Loolee, Tonguu, Coyote, myself, and more people than I can count... What are you waiting for?! Register already!



The Official SOE Fan Faire Registration site has a list of everyone attending by server. Want to figure out who from your server will be there so you can greet or avoid them? Have a look at SOE's List.


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