The first major choice players make in most MMOGs is which race they’d like their character to be, and by all accounts Final Fantasy XIV will be no exception. While the game is currently in closed beta with a possible release set for later this year, information on the known playable races has already become available. Ten Ton Hammer has the skinny on the details known so far, as well as some speculation as to how things will play out come launch day in our Final Fantasy XIV Playable Races Overview.

Speculation: Miqo’te will be plentiful as early surveys of Final Fantasy XIV fans reveal a keen interest in playing the catlike race. Male Miqo’te may exist as NPCs but will not be playable. It is possible that the two Miqo’te clans do not get along very well since they serve different goddesses and lead drastically different lifestyles.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016