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First Aid is one of several secondary
professions available to every players in World of Warcraft. First Aid
takes basic cloth collected from humanoids throughout the world and allows
the player to turn it into bandages. These bandages can then be used to
heal the player or other nearby players. While many players choose to
overlook First Aid, it can prove to be an especially useful profession and
could possibly save you, or one of your companions, from certain doom.

Training First Aid

First Aid, like all other professions in World
of Warcraft, can be trained by visiting the nearest First Aid Trainer.
These trainers can be found in all major cities (and some more remote
locations as well). If you are having trouble locating the First Aid
Trainer in a city, don't panic! Simply speak to one of the city guards for
some handy directions to get you set on your way.


How to Create Bandages

First Aid is all about creating bandages and
then using them to heal your battle wounds. As previously Bandages are
created with cloth that is collected from the various humanoids found
throughout the world. Cloth can also be purchased from the Auction House.

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Bandages can be made from any type of cloth
you collect. The higher level the cloth, the higher level of bandage can
be created. To create a bandage, go to the professions tab and select
First Aid. Here you will see a listing of all the bandages you can
potentially create, as well as which you have the correct cloth to create.

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Simply choose the bandage you want to create,
then click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the tab. After the
creation process is completed the bandage(s) will appear in your bags.

Skilling Up First Aid

Skilling up First Aid is fairly simple. All
you need to do is continue to create bandages as outlined above. Whether
creating a certain type of bandage will award you a skill point can be
determined by its color in the first aid tab. Bandage patterns can come in
five distinct colors. Check out a listing of the various colors and their
potential to earn you skill points in the table below:

Color Skill-Up

style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">Red

Unable to craft at this time.

style="color: rgb(204, 102, 0);">Orange

A skill point will always be gained.

style="color: rgb(255, 255, 51);">Yellow

A skill point will most likely be

style="color: rgb(0, 102, 0);">Green

A skill point will likely not be

style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102);">Gray

A skill point will never be gained.

As you earn skill points you will advance
through a series of ranks starting with Apprentice. Every 50-75 skill
points you will want to seek out your First Aid Trainer who will award you
for your hard work with a new rank and potentially the ability to create
new (and better quality) bandages. The ranking system is outlined in the
table below:

Rank Skill
Apprentice 1-75
Journeyman 50-150
Expert 125-225
Artisan 200-300
Burning Crusade)

Using First Aid Bandages in World of Warcraft

Now that you know all about how to create
bandages and how to skill up your First Aid profession, its time to learn
how you can put them to good use. Bandages can be used to heal yourself,
or other players in a pinch or can even be used to reduced downtime
between battles. To use the bandage click on the person you wish to heal,
then right click on the bandage.

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Once clicked you will begin to channel, which
means you cannot move while using it. The longer you channel the spell,
the more healing the bandage provides. Channeling can also be interrupted
if the player you are trying to heal moves to far away and also when you
take damage, like any other channeled spell. The higher quality of bandage
you use, the more healing it will ultimately provide. Once a bandage has
been used on a player they receive the "Recently Bandaged" debuff. This
means the player cannot be healed using a bandage again for the duration
of the debuff.

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Bandages are particularly useful because they
can be used in or out of combat. This means that they can be put into use
in more than a few ways. From springing a pinch heal during a fight, to
reducing the time between battles, bandages are a handy thing to have
around. First Aid is one of those professions that you will likely never
be sorry you took the time to level.

Do you have any useful tips and tricks concerning the First Aid
profession? Feel free to share your knowledge with us and the rest of the
Ten Ton Hammer community using the comment section below.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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