Mission 6 finds us Spy Penguins catching up with the Professor as he tries to question the crab. Don’t read any further if you want to complete this mission without any help.


After you talk to the Professor, the Crab Translator blows up and the crab escapes!
Follow him as he takes you on a wild crab chase to the top of the Ski Lift. You’ll need to keep on following him right over the edge! It’s a crazy tumble down, and it breaks the ability to use the Spy phone to teleport!

Follow the crab to a cave that you can not enter. Go to the left of the cave and you’ll find that pesky black puffle that is always hungry. You’ll need to find some O’s for him to eat. Luckily there is a bag that’s hanging not that far away. Once you find the bag, cut it down with the tools on your spy phone. Put the bag in your inventory and head on back to the puffle. Feed an O to the puffle and you’ll have yourself a fiery friend.

Head back to the cave with your puffle friend and put an O by the door. The puffle will chase the O through the crab door and unlock the door for you. Go on inside.

Ack! We’ve been caught by a grumpy looking polar bear! The bear manages to get a hold of your spy phone. At least he’s polite enough to introduce himself though. Please meet Herbert P. Bear, Esquire, the mastermind behind all of the strange happenings on the island. Herbert will tell you his story. Turns out the poor bear was just trying to find somewhere warm to go and he ended up on our frozen island instead.

How does the Klutzy the Crab figure in to all of this you may be wondering? He saved the bear of course! Herbert’s iceberg tipped and the poor bear didn’t know how to swim. Klutzy helped him get to shore. Unfortunately the bear is still cold and hatched an evil plan! He wants to chop down our Ski Lodge and use it for firewood! Once the Ski Lodge wood is gone, Herbert plans to continue chopping down our buildings until there are none left!

Now you are left to your own devices! Herbert and Klutzy have left with the wood chopper machine and they are heading straight for the Ski Lodge. Trapped in a cage we have only our friendly puffle to help us. Scan right and put an O on the lever of the cage lift. The puffle will jump up to eat it. Now we have water going in to a drain.

Now you’ll need to put an O on the left side of the metal track the water is running down. Now you’ll have water in the metal tray by the cage lift. You will now see that the water wheel is activated. Put another O on the lift. The puffle will jump on it and eat it, causing the water wheel like apparatus to move, and your cage will lift up.

Scan to the right and put the hot sauce and the blue plans in your inventory. Keep scanning right and pick up the rope and the grappling hook. Put those in your inventory as well. Combine the rope with the grappling hook. You’ve gotten everything you’ll need so go ahead and leave the cave.

Ack! The door is blocked by snow! Combine a berry with the hot sauce and give it to the puffle. This will make for a very spicy puffle! He’ll melt a tunnel through the snow for you. Once you are outside, scan to the right as far as you can. You should see a black mountain in the background. Go straight. Use your rope and grappling hook to climb up the side.

Now you are back at the top of the ski lift. Take the lift down the mountain and head in to the Ski Lodge. Go out back by the fishing hole. Surprise!! There’s Herbert! Head back in side the Lodge. Head outside and scan left. Head to the docks. Scan left and head in to town. Remember that Herbert said he needed a pizza? Make your way to the Pizzeria.

Talk to the penguin behind the counter and order a seaweed pizza. Grab the pizza from the counter and put it in your inventory and head back to Herbert. Take the pizza and click on Herbert. He’ll be quite happy to get the pizza.

While the bear is eating turn the red lever to the right side. He’ll go back to fixing the wood chopper after he’s done eating, but he’s not aware that you tampered with the lever! Now just sit back and laugh at what happens next!

The Professor will show up. From the sound of the phone call he gets from Herbert, I don’t think we’ve seen the last of that polar bear, or his sidekick, Klutzy the Crab. Make sure to give the Professor back his plans for the magnet.

Enjoy the medal and the gift!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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