by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Returning from the volatile environments of Areaki, players will find quite a geographic change in Tabula Rasa's Valverde Plateau. The thick forests and rivers of the Wilderness have melted into a rugged grasslands torn apart by the struggle of Allied Free Setinent and Bane forces. At the center of the conflict in this zone is a number of Eloh artifacts of unspeakable power.

The appropriately named Fort Defiance sits in the northern end of this zone providing support and logistics to soldiers in the area. Built inside of a mountain, this is one of the largest and most secure bases in Tabula Rasa. Players will find not only vendors, but a Military Surplus, a Wormhole for interplanetary travel, and transporter for fast access in the zone. Most importantly this will be your mission hub for Plateau so it's worth your time to get familiar with it.

The Defiant Ones - This mission begins in Fort Defiance with Transportation Officer Mamede around -265, 420, 859. After welcoming you to the "ass crack" of Valverde, she wants you to report to Field Lt. Pearson in the command center around -66, 401, 928. Wow, talk about easy. You'll get 3200 credits and a bit of experience for this cakewalk.

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I Know What This Looks Like...

A Bridge Too Far - Named after the classic World War II movie covering Operation Market Garden (we educate also here at Ten Ton Hammer) this mission is given by Field Lt. Peterson at -66, 401, 928. His task isn't difficult, just retrieve the CPU from a friggin Prototype Juggernaut. Oh, don't forget your tank. If you are a class who can drop machinery such as a Sniper or Spy, you have no worries. If not? Bring friends. The Juggernaut patrols the northern end of the Eloh Bridge around -170, 374, 322 and once you've retrieved your CPU head back to Peterson who will reward you with 6200 credits and your choice of Cryogen Bio Armor Legs, CryoGen Mech Armor Vest, CryoGen Stealth Armor Boots, or Prodigy Reflective Armor Gloves.

The Beer Hunter - This missions begins with Field Lt. Peterson and requires the completion of A Bridge Too Far. Peterson is throwing his buddy a bachelor party and needs you to score him some beer. He'll send you to the Tavern which is located east to talk with Bartender McLaughlin. McLaughlin wants 10 Saccharo roots to make what you need. Head out in the field and locate 10 to harvest. I found all mine near -136, 373, 436 and while you may not see many, they do respawn quickly. Return to McLaughlin then to Peterson. You'll be rewarded with 4650 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Pulse Disperser, ChiTech Cryogenic Injector Gun, Vextronics Incendiary Leech Gun, or Animatics Incendiary Shotgun.

Blue Flu - Queue up the Who because you are going to solve a murder mystery. This mission begins with MP Lieutenant Parkman in the command post around -70, 404, 951. He's got the sniffles..ok he calls it the "flu." He'll send you to the Criminal Investigator Division to learn more about where it came from. Head upstairs to CID Commander Provost around -219, 421, 931 and he'll ask you to go relieve Guard Norton over in the supply area. You'll find him in a storage area around -185, 398, 1016, or what is left of him. Interacting with his corpse will reward you with 3100 credits and your choice of a Class VI Advanced MedPak, Class VI Emp Grenade, Class VI Res Trauma Kit, or Class VI Concussions Grenades.

Murder Most Foul - This mission requires you to finish Blue Flu and is offered immediately upon completion. Who killed Security Guard Norton and why? Head back and talk to Provost who will send you to speak with CID Detective Crais. He'll ask you to go scan the crime scene so head back to the body to get your update. You'll next have to talk to an Unknown Forean Suspect (how much shadier can you get?) Head back up to Provosts area and use the Batcomputer to analyze your data. Report back to Crais who will reward you with 4650 credits and your choice of HellStorm Stealth Armor Helmet, Vitalius Gravitron Armor Gloves, Wellcare Hazmat Gloves, or Pulsar Motor Assist Armor Gloves.

This completes Part 1 of our guide to Fort Defiance! Continue on to Part 2.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016