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href=""> style="border: 2px solid ; width: 200px; height: 150px;" alt=""

style="font-style: italic;">The Unruly Mage will blast you
from a distance all day if you don't close the gap and attack.

target="_blank">Free Realms isn't all about
playing games. Occasionally, you'll need to bust some bad guys' heads
to restore order to the world. The basic combat job is called Brawler,
and you can complete the Bixies Gone Bad quest handily at Brawler level
4. Start by locating the NPC named href="" target="_blank">Sunflower
southwest of Sanctuary. This little fairy explains that Drone Fauzz has
led an uprising of unruly bixies and captured the queen. Your primary
objective is to rescue Queen Bixie, but you'll get bonus points for
freeing some frightened workers, too.

The instance for this quest is shaped a little like a downward-facing
lobster, with your character entering on the left claw. Just inside the
instance is a confrontation between some Loyal Bixies and some Unruly
Warriors, the basic type of enemy you'll encounter here. The Loyal
drones will win, allowing you to pass without fighting. Just outside
the "claw," you'll bump into your first enemies in the form of three
Unruly Warriors huddled together. Dispatch these and inch forward to
face tougher foes.

Soon you can free some of those workers, but you'll have to
slay more villains first. The next enemy you'll meet is a caster called
Unruly Mage, which attacks with projectile magic. Rush the Mage and it
drops pretty quickly. You may have to kill two or three more in this
spot before the area is clear. Your map should now show some big green
dots that represent the workers. Notice the red dots on the map (the
enemies) and plan your moves carefully. It seems easiest to sweep from
the left of the map to the right. Just talk to the href="" target="_blank">Frightened
Bixie Workers to free them.

The body and both claws of the lobster-shaped map should now
be clear, so it's time to head for the tail. This is where you will
encounter the tougher Unruly Elites. They're basic melee creatures like
the Unruly Warriors, but they hit harder and have more hit points. They
won't pose much of a problem if you move slowly and pick them off a
couple at a time. Plus, just a few seconds rest between battles will
get you going again. Move along the right wall where you will discover
the collection item Hammer Essence of Earth among some crates. 

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Fauzz hits hard, but you can take him!

target="_blank">Queen Bixie awaits your aid in the
top left corner of the map, but she is surrounded by a mix of enemies.
Once you kill the ones pinning her in, more will come after you in four
waves. These spawns always include an Unruly Mage and two Unruly
Warriors. You can defeat them with no trouble. Once you have beaten all
four waves, Drone Fauzz spawns on the map at the point where the
lobster's tail meets the body.

Drone Fauzz is an Unruly Elite on steroids. He has high
defense, high attack, and high hit points. He also can charge up and
unleash a powerful special attack that will knock you on your back.
None of that really matters, though. Keep spamming attacks and use leg
sweep whenever it is available. Drink a health potion (#7 key by
default) any time your health dips below 600. After a while of whacking
on him, he'll drop and you have saved the day. Talk to the queen to
spawn the door to exit the instance, see href="" target="_blank">your
score and collect href="" target="_blank">your
reward. In addition to the collectible item, Ralsu scored a
Reflex Hammer, a Short Bow, and Feisty Fighter Pants. Return to
Sunflower for your final reward.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016