Danny "Ralsu" Gourley's journey as a card duelist in style="font-style: italic;"
target="_blank">Free Realms began when he stumbled
across an NPC named Ari the Fish while wandering the
hills west of Sanctuary. Rising to the top of his game took Ralsu all
over the accessible globe and gave me an engrossing story. Card duelist
is a fun job because it combines the fun of collectible cards with the
thrill of competition. The fact that a player can level from one to
twenty in the job entirely by completing quests and without a
subscription makes it one of the most enjoyable in style="font-style: italic;">Free Realms. Ralsu
shares the story of the card duelist with other players:

Jili used a Chaos deck (red cards), which is geared
toward fast strikes but has poor defense. She played the Michi hero
card, allowing her to ready a Chaos ally every time Michi won a battle.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016