Fury Alternate Advancements





Enhance: Armor of Nature - Increases the mitigation of
Armor of Nature and its upgrades
Enhance: Brambles - Improves the reuse speed of Brambles and its upgrades Enhance: Intimidation - Intimidation and its upgrades reduce your opponents' agility and wisdom even further Enhance: Death Swarm - Hastens the casting speed and effects of
Death Swarm and its upgrades, causing the damage to occur faster
Enhance: Peerless Predator - Adds movement speed and jumping increase to Peerless Predator and its upgrades Enhance: Emergency Healing - Increases the heal amount of Sylvan Touch and Feral Pulse Enhance: Karana's Hold - Reduces the power cost and resistibility of
Karana's Hold and its higher level upgrades
Enhance: Tempest - Hastens the casting speed and effects of
Tempest and its upgrades, causing damage to occur faster
Enhance: Forest Spirit - Increases the intelligence of
Forest Spirit and its upgrades
Enhance: Pact of the Cheetah - Increases the movement speed and duration of Pact of the Cheetah and adds a Safe Fall component Enhance: Snare - Your Snares become more efficient and slow your opponents even further Enhance: Thunderbolt - Hastens the casting and reuse speed of
Thunderbolt and its upgrades
Enhance: Primal Fury - Increases the trigger percentage of
Primal Fury and its upgrades
Enhance: Feast - Hastens the casting and reuse speed of Feast and its upgrades Enhance: Maddening Swarm - Maddening Swarm and its upgrades reduce enemies' casting skills even further Enhance: Starnova - Hastens the casting and reuse speed of Starnova and its upgrades
Enhance: Fae Fire - Hastens the casting and reuse speed of Fae Fire and its upgrades Enhance: Feral Tenacity - Hastens the reuse speed of Feral Tenacity and its upgrades Kudzu - After any hostile spell strikes an enemy, Kudzu snares their movement speed for a short duration, with a chance of rooting them in place Enhance: Ring of Fire - Improves the reuse speed of Ring of Fire
Enhance: Porcupine - Adds a regenerative heal to Porcupine and its upgrades Enhance: Hibernation - Adds a component to Hibernation that triggers it early if an ally reaches below a health threshold   Enhance: Call of Storms - Reduces the casting time of
Call of Storms and reduces the chance it will be resisted.
Animal Form - Target mage of priest ally gains
increases max health, physical mitigation (for mage), attack speed, melee
damage, and melee attack skills. Every time that ally attacks, their power
is increased and hate is reduced. If the target is a priest, they are unable
to cast beneficial spells for the duration of Animal Form.
Pact of Nature - Grants a single ally group heal with a
cure component
  Energy Vortex - While active, Energy Vortex increases
the lethality of all of the group's damage spells and reduces the effects of
all of the fury's healing spells

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Priest, and Druid lines.

Feeble Minded The Intimidation line will also debuff the
target's intelligence.
Hunter's Call Adds an additional effect to Primal Fury and its
upgrades which adds potency to the triggered effect.
Essence of
the Stormcaller
Improves the base and critical damage of the
fury's magical damage based spells.
Pack Spirit Increases the heal amount of Back into the Fray
and its upgrades.
The Nature's Elixir line will do additional
healing and critical for more.
Natural Restoration Autumn's Kiss and its upgrades will have a shorter
casting time. In addition, the overtime component will heal for more.
Master of
Grants the fury additional base and critical
damage and improves the casting speed of hostile spells. As a penalty,
heal amount is lowered.
Improves the number of ticks, base and critical
amount of the Fury's heals. As a penalty for these improvements, the
fury will have increased casting and reuse speed for hostile spells.
Hostile spells will also do less damage.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Tempest of the Elements Adds an elemental debuff to the Tempest line of
Improves the base and over time damage of Death
Improves the amount of hitpoints granted by the
Master of the Hunt line of spells.
Reduces the casting time of Back into the Fray.
Improves the base heal amount of Awakening.
Herbal Remedy When Cure successfully removes a hostile
impairment, Herbal Remedy will apply a small heal over time to sooth
your ally's wounds.
The Fury calls upon the forces of nature to cure
their allies.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016