face it,
gathering professions are where the real gold making can be seen in

World of Warcraft. There is nothing like raw materials that can be made
into virtually anything the buyer desires to get someone to open their
purse and dish out large amounts of WoW gold. If you are one of the
many players that have instead decided on a crafting WoW profession
(Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription,
Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, or Tailoring) rather than a gathering
profession, you may find yourself in a bit of a pickle when it comes to
making WoW gold.

Making WoW gold with a crafting
WoW profession is indeed much more difficult than doing so with a
gathering profession, however, don’t get discouraged! These
professions can yield quite the profit for those dedicated enough to
seek it out. Below you will find some useful general tips and tricks to
help you garner the most WoW gold from your crafting profession.

WoW Profession:

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Alchemy is, and always has been
a huge money maker and this expansion is no exception. Able to choose
between three specializations: Flasks, Transmutes, and Potions all of
which can turn a huge profit for those who seek it out. Each
specialization procs account for as much as 20% extra so be sure to
choose one. Don’t stress to much about the choice as you can
always change it for a different specialization for a small fee.
However, once you choose a specialization you will want Currently the
best companion skill to Alchemy is Herbalism. Taking this as your
secondary spec will eliminate any need for you to buy materials for
your WoW profession.


Depending how much of your own
materials you have to buy, the flask specialization can either be very
profitable, or a complete flop. Flasks are almost strictly sold to
raiders so be sure to learn the raid times and days of the top raiding
guilds on your server as these will be the best days to sell the flasks
you create. All flasks sell about equally, except for the current
Spirit flask which is currently out of vogue. If you are not an
Herbalist be sure to check out the prices of materials and choose the
flask that costs you the least amount of gold to create.

style="font-weight: bold;">Transmutes

If you aren’t aware,
recently epic gems have become transmutable, and this is the simplest
and more surefire way to make money with your transmute specialty.
Transmute red gems to your hearts desire as they are the most commonly
used raid gem in the game and will be sure to sell anytime you list
them. Players who choose the Transmute specialty should also be sure to
keep their Truegold and Living Elements transmute on cool down. These
are both very profitable endeavors and is worth the effort. In the
cacse of the Living Elements be aware of which element sells for the
most on your server and always use the transmute to produce this
element to ensure the best profit.


With the release of the Raid
Finder, and super easy raid content in general, some raiders are
choosing to skip over the potion. However, any good raider will tell
you that they are still absolutely essential to every raid. Even though
less people are using them, there is still WoW gold to be made here.
Players who do use these consumables blow through them like crazy. To
make the most profit see what each potion costs on the Auction House,
and if the mats are low enough that you can make a profit, make that
potion and list it and your profit is in the bag.

WoW Profession: Blacksmithing

Blacksmithing is one of the
more difficult WoW professions to
make a profit with. However, with a little effort it can be done. As
mentioned above it is essential that your Blacksmithing be max level.
Low level Blacksmithing items typically DO NOT sell. Once you reach max
level you will find yourself able to create some decent gear that may
be appealing for both PvE and PvP players. The downside of this gear is
that unless you also have Mining (the recommended profession to be
paired with Blacksmithing) it can be quite expensive to make,
especially the gear that requires Orbs. Check the Auction House
frequently to be aware of trends in items that are selling and are
therefore worth your while to make. Also seek out rare patterns that
other Blacksmiths may not have when possible.

Besides gear Blacksmiths can
produce one other non-gear item that has the potential to sell well
depending on player demand. Belt Buckles, used to permanently add a
socket to a belt, can be sold to any player who has recently acquired a
new belt meaning that the market for these is almost never ending.
Sadly items such as the Weapon Chain and the Shield Spike are not so
lucky and are virtually untellable (at least on my server) so be sure
to avoid wasting materials on items that do not sell such as those.

WoW Profession: Enchanting

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If you want to make money with
Enchanting you must first and foremost
get it to max level. Anything
below max level in the world of Enchanting is pretty much free. If your
guild bank looks anything like mine, it is loaded with lower level
scrolls and enchants that basically just take up space because no one
except a random alt will
want them. Low level enchants are one of those
things that you literally almost can’t give away. To make a
profit with this WoW profession you will need to turn instead to higher
level enchants.

Thankfully, with the
introduction of the vellum, making money with Enchanting has become
easier than ever. Gone are the days of watching Trade Chat and opening
a trade enchanting an individual item (although money can still be made
this way in the form of tips). Now players can put their most valuable
enchants onto a vellum and place them in the Auction House to sell to a
huge market of players. Be sure to check the Auction House and Trade
Chat frequently to get a feel for which enchants are currently selling.
Remember once you place an enchant on a vellum it cannot be undone and
the materials will be consumed so be sure that the enchant will sell
before you place it on a vellum.

The best profession to pair
with Enchanting is currently Tailoring. The combination of these two
WoW professions allows you to disenchant anything you create while
leveling up Tailoring. This provides you with an almost constant stream
of materials to level your Enchanting. Once you have maxed out your
Tailoring and no longer are producing items, you will need to
disenchant any item that comes into your possession. This will give you
the needed materials to be able to create enchants without spending
tons of money thus increasing your
overall profit.

WoW Profession: Engineering

While Engineering has improved
with the release of Cataclysm, it is still one of the most difficult
WoW professions to make a profit with. Players with this crafting
profession will find themselves resorting to selling the various
Engineering pets (Lifelike Toad, Mechanical Yeti, Pet Bombling, and
Lil‘ Smoky), which can turn quite a profit. Be sure to market
these on both your factions and the neutral Auction House for max
profit potential. It may take some time to sell these pets, but when
they do sell they can easily sell for over 100 gold each.

Becoming a pet shop is not the
only way for an Engineer to make some quick cash. Engineers can also
sell the new “fish feast” of Cataclysm the Goblin
Barbecue, these sell especially well if you have a lot of raiding
guilds on your server. Also Engineers can create and sell Fused Wiring,
each of these costs mere silver to sell, but can be sold for much more
depending on your server making them well worth making. For those
players with a little gold on hand can also take the more adventurous
route and sell the various Engineering mounts. WoW players love mounts
but most of us are much to lazy to farm the mats so buying them
pre-made is pretty appealing.

WoW Profession: Inscription

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In WOTLK Inscription was
profession to make WoW gold. Glyphs
were cheap to make and since they
were not reusable people literally needed them all the time. The launch
of Cataclysm has changed the demand for glyphs. Once a glyph has been
bought it never needs to be purchased, leaving this WoW profession
floundering when it comes to a steady cash flow. However, despite this
a profit can be made from Inscription with a little effort.

First spend some time with your
Auction House. See what Inks and Glyphs are currently selling and also
check out the prices of herbs (if you don‘t have Herbalism as
your secondary profession) to see how much they are selling for. You
want to only make Glyphs that you can produce for less than you will
spend making it. So if it costs you 10G to create a Glyph and you can
only sell it for 8G then you probably won’t want to make it.
Once you have chosen some profitable glyphs to make, only create 1 or 2
of each to prevent over saturation of the market, remember, players
never need to replace glyphs so demand is relatively low.

If you want to avoid the hassle
of creating glyphs you may also
be able to make money selling the
various Inks to other Inscriptionists. Currently the best seller tends
to be Inferno Ink, however, check the prices on the other inks as they
may be profitable as well depending on your server.

WoW Profession: Jewelcrafting

Being a primarily enhancement
profession (through gems) how well you can make gold with the
Jewelcrafting profession depends solely on how many players are
actively looking to buy gems. There are two types of gems you can sell;
rare and uncommon. Rare gems need to be cut to make any profit, while
uncommon gems if you choose to take the time to sell them are better
left uncut.

The problem for the
Jewelcrafter comes about when you realize that demand is not equal for
every color gem. This becomes a problem because the biggest source of
these gems is ore (which can be easily obtained through Mining, the
recommended second profession to Jewelcrafting)
which yields all colors of gems pretty equally. Familiarize yourself
via the Auction House and Trade Chat with which of these gem colors
sell the best and cut/sell them appropriately. As for the not so
popular gems, you can still turn a profit with these as well. Turn
unwanted low profit gems into Meta Gems or enchanting materials via
Alchemy instead thereby almost eliminating any wasted gems and
enhancing your overall profit.

WoW Profession: Leatherworking

style="padding: 5px; float: right; width: 250px; text-align: center;"> href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/225635" target="_blank"> src="http://www.tentonhammer.com/image/view/225635/preview"

Much like Blacksmithing,
Leatherworking can be a tough WoW profession to turn a profit from.
Leather (Leatherworking’s primary staple) is expensive on
most servers and sometimes difficult to find on the Auction House as
many players are hesitant to take up skinning. However, the
Leatherworker can indeed make a profit by turning to one sure seller;
the leg enchant and armor kid. These have and probably always will be
the most popular Leatherworking items and almost every one of them is a
sure seller. To make the most WoW gold if you are not a Skinner, check
the Auction House for cheap scales, leather, and volatiles throughout
the week and buy them as you see them. Then turn these cheap materials
into the various leg enchants and armor kits and keep them listed
throughout the week.

If you are willing to take more
of a risk and spend more gold for your efforts, Leatherworkers can also
make a profit creating the high level armor available to them. Be
warned that this high level gear takes expensive materials and the
demand of each item will vary server to server and day to day. You may
also be able to turn a profit by producing the item level entry gear
for each level. You may think people would avoid buying greens from the
Auction House, but with many players opting for the Dungeon Finder over
questing these greens can be in high demand, but this practice is also
risky. In other words…make sure you do your Auction House
homework before creating any of the gear mentioned above.

WoW Profession: Tailoring

While Tailoring may seem like
one of those tough to profit from professions like Blacksmithing or
Leatherworking, I assure you that is not the case. While selling high
level armor can be done with Tailoring (for a price) there is a far
easier and more effective to make gold with this WoW profession.

Players with Tailoring should
look to selling Cataclysm level Spellthreads, the various bags they can
create, and for uber big bucks take the time to create and sell their
various dream cloth epics. However, like most things with mass profit
potential be sure you get a gold deal on the materials here, spending
to much to make these can severely cut into your profit margin. Also
Tailors (who typically choose Enchanting as their second profession)
may choose to create cheap high level gear strictly for enchanting
materials. These materials are typically in high demand and can be sold
for large profit.

Remember that while above tips
and tricks will get you well on your way to making WoW gold making it
all come together for the max profit will be ultimately up to you. Do
you have some tips or tricks to making the most out of your crafting
WoW professions? Be sure to share them with the rest of our community
in the comments section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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