Game Update Terror

Getting Excited About Game Updates Again

By: Savanja

In the wake of some pretty major Game (Live) Updates, I find myself, (and
others that I have spoken with) to be a little gun shy of those update
notes.  We have watched as nerfs roll in despite some very vocal dissuasion from
community members.  We have seen a tradeskill revamp that has been getting
mixed reviews.  And we have seen the rangers, once again, struggling to
make their voices heard after several run ins with the developers rather
unforgiving nerfbat.

One of the things that I have always loved about EverQuest II is it's ability
to evolve regularly through these game updates.  Who knew so many changes
could be packed into little patches?  My conjurer may not be so thrilled
with her lessened damage output, and my brigand is very disappointed that she
can't get more than two side or rear shots in with "Cheap Shot" when
she solos, but they did add casual clothing, so it all balances out in the end,

Scheduled for Wednesday, August 9th, is Game Update #26.  And as forum
goers scramble to put in their two cents on each GU topic, and raiders argue
over, well, everything, I'm going to take a peek at what GU #26 has to offer the
beaten and discouraged playerbase.


They Walk Among Us

It's been no secret that with the advent of the next expansion pack, "Echoes
of Faydwer", that the Gods will be returning to Norrath.  Likely they have
been around all along, watching us, but with GU #26 you will begin to see clues
as to their presence.  Prophets of Valor and Fear will be found, rallying
followers to their cause.  The portal to the Plane of Fear is
discovered!  Unfortunately, us mortals will not be venturing into Fear
anytime soon, but one can only guess what demons might escape the portal, making
their way into Norrath in upcoming months.


Raiding At It's Finest

There has been much heated discussion amongst the fanbase regarding the guild
raid revamp.  I happen to be very excited about it, mostly because there is
no hardcore raiding in our guild, and this revamp of nearly unused game content,
is clearly intended for casual
raiders.  Good move I think!  There are a whole lot of us who like the
idea of raiding, but simply do not have the resources (or desire) to gather 24
players and take on scary content.  

The guild raids will be geared for 2 group raids, and the instance will scale
to your raid level, and will test your raids skills against various forms of
attacks.  Loot will vary, but will be mostly the typical rare harvest
items, spell books, and recipe books for raids under level 50.  The level
50+ raid boss mobs will drop patterns for gear, that can be examined and turned
in for usable gear.  Interesting ideas those developers came up with, and
hopefully this will go a long way in getting casual guilds into the fun that is


This, That, and the Other

Perhaps it's just me, but in Thundering Steppes and Nektulos Forest, I
*still* run to the top of the griffon tower and find that the stupid griffons
ARE NOT THERE!!  No more will I look the fool!  Or, at least not for
this particular reason.  The griffons are finally being moved to their
rightful spot atop the towers.

Did you know that Nektropos Castle is expanding?  Well, it is!  Nek
Castle, in all it's gloomy glory, will be added to with content for higher level
players.  I hear it will be challenging for groups of level 70 characters,
so be sure to check that out.

Zone reuse timers have been a pain in the virtual rear since the beginning of
time.  Many times, they aren't very reliable which is frustrating for
groups that really enjoy the instanced zones.  Instanced zones will now
follow guidelines that sort of make sense now.  Small solo zones will have
no fail timer and a 4 hour success time.  Large solo zones with have no
fail timer and a 8 hour success timer.  Group zones will have no fail timer
and a 18 hour success time.  Small raid zones will have a 8 hour fail timer
and a 3 day, 20 hour success timer.  Large raid zones will have a 12 hour
fail timer and a 5 day, 20 hour success timer.  Now, if these timers
actually work properly, life will be grand!


The Demise of the Coin Sellers

Blackguard finally shared that they currently have in the works, a fix to
deter those very pesky coin sellers from spamming in game mail and tells to
players.  I've only gotten a couple of these because apparently I'm just
not cool enough to get plat ads in game, but I hear it's a very nasty widespread
problem that has very much needed attention.  This makes me, and many, many
others VERY happy!  Blackguard stated that they hope to fit it in the GU
#26, but whether it comes in this one, or the next this is some of the best news
I've heard in a while.


All in all, this Game Update is a gentle one.  No major nerfs for the
classes, and no major changes for the tradeskillers.  So breath a sigh of
relief my comrades, and enjoy all that this Game Update has to offer us!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016