Dr. Ruth he ain't!

All the activity of spring surrounds us, yet Orogurath can only think of how Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) might be the "great equalizer" that helps people fall in love. He examines the internal mechanisms that cause people to feel that spark, and then he delves deeper to show that gaming can match two people who normally wouldn't waste time on one another. As usual, Orogurath puts his cynical spin on things:

Outward appearance: the first thing you check and predominantly the most important for attraction. The average human would be, say, a six. This takes the factor of species-specific recognition, allowing for a +1 to average, and explains much of why men would court most anything with human mammaries. Well groomed folks exude an additional +1, confidence nabs a peppy +1, and there is a + or – 1 due to personal preferences of height, weight, size of cranium, etc. Thus, an average human with no aberrant qualities, well groomed and confident becomes an instant 8 and thus highly attractive to the opposite sex.

You have to read Gaming and the Coupling Index to believe it, folks!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016