The Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines are a building found inside your Garrison that provides you with ore. Unlike other Garrison buildings, the Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines have a preset location inside your Garrison. This means you have no say over where this building goes. Also different from other buildings, every player will have a Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mine inside their Garrison.

Unlocking the Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines

Unlocking the Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines can start as early as level 92. If your Town Hall has been upgraded to a Level 2, the quest Things are Not Goren Our Way will become available for both Horde and Alliance players. This quest sends players down into the mine to clear out nasty Gorens and take out Stonetooth, their equally nasty leader. Once the quest is completed, you will gain blueprints to the mine. Head to your Architects Table to make use of the blueprints and get your mine open for operation.

Upgrading the Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines

After initially opening your mine, there are two additional levels you may upgrade it to. Upgrading your mine will provide you with even more ore and other benefits (outlined in the Perks section below).

Level 2

Level 2 of the Lunerfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines can be upgraded by purchasing the Garrison BluePrint: Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines from Sparz Boltwist (Alliance) or Rezlak (Horde). Both of these NPCs can be found inside your Garrison'sTown Hall building, next to the Architect Table. The blueprint will run you 1,000 Gold.

After purchasing the blueprint, learn it and then head back to the Architect Table. Click on the Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines and an Upgrade button should now appear. Dish out 50 Garrison Resources and 300 Gold and the upgrade will begin. Upgrading to Level 2 will take approximately 1 hour.

Level 3

Upgrading to Level 3 of the Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines is a bit more complicated. You will once again need to purchase a blueprint for 1,000 Gold. However, on top of the blueprint, players will need to be level 100 and have completed the Draenic Stone Collector Achievement. This achievement requires you to have collected 500 Draenic Stones. Draenic Stones can be collected from mining nodes inside your mine. Players with the Mining profession can also collect Stones from mining nodes around Dreanor.

After these stipulations are met, learn the blueprint and head to your Architect Table. Click on the Mine where you will once again find the Upgrade button available. Upgrading to Level 3 will cost you 100 Garrison Resources and 500 Gold. The upgrade will take 1 hour.

Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines Perks

Level 1 – Mine Draenic Stone from mineral nodes in Draenor to be used in Work Orders. Allows 7 Work Orders.

Level 2 – Followers may work at your mine. New mine shaft is now open, giving access to additional ore. Allows 14 Work Orders.

Level 3 – One final mine shaft is opened, giving access to rich mineral nodes. Garrison guards will now patrol your mine, helping you to defeat Goren. Allows 21 Work Orders.

Mining Ore and Carts

As you probably already know, the ore found inside your mine can be collected even if you do not have the Mining profession. Each node will contain one of two ores:

  • Blackrock Ore
  • True Iron Ore

Nodes can also contain Dreanic Stone and even Primal Spirit. Nodes inside of your mine respawn every day, the respawn of the nodes coincides with the reset of daily quests. The higher level your mine, the more nodes available for you to collect.

At Level 2, your mine will also spawn Mining Carts from time to time. The number and frequency of these Carts appears to be random. Each cart can be looted and provides you with a mixture of the following:

  • True Iron Ore
  • Blackrock Ore
  • Miner's Coffee
  • Preserved Mining Pick
  • Primal Spirit

The Miner's Coffee and Mining Picks are exceptionally useful. Miner's Coffee increases your running speed while inside your Mine, while Mining Picks increase the speed at which you collect ore. Using one or both of these while harvesting from your mine can help to speed things up and make your task that much easier. Please note that both these items provide you with a 5 minute buff, this means you should use them just before you are ready to harvest your mine.

Lunarfall Excavation/Frostwall Mines Work Orders

Work Orders for your mine can be placed just outside the entrance. Starting a Work Order costs 5 Draenic Stones and takes 4 hours to complete. Each completed Work Order will produce 5 ore. Sometimes Apexis Crystals are awarded as well.

Assigning a Follower to your mine will increase the yield of your Work Orders. For example, a Level 100 Follower will give you 7 ore per Work Order instead of the original 5. Followers assigned to the Mine must have the Mining trait. This trait is only guaranteed on one Follower; Lantresor of the Blade from the Challenge of the Masters quest. Other Followers will randomly get this trait or you can request this trait using your Inn.

Ore Eater

Besides collecting large quantities of ore, the Mine has the potential to yield a super cute Battle Pet. Named the Ore Eater, this pet has the chance to drop from those pesky Goren Protectors. Goren Protectors can spawn from mining nodes both inside and outside of your Mine. Kill them to have a chance to loot this pet.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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