The Tannery is an optional building that players may choose to build inside their Garrison. A small building, the Tannery can only be placed on a small plot. This particular building corresponds directly with the Leatherworking profession. It is here that Leatherworkers will get new patterns, turn in Work Orders to obtain Burnished Leather, and for non-Leatherworkers; you may use this building to craft Draenor-specific leather and mail items.

Unlocking and Upgrading the Tannery

Level 1

Leatherworkers can unlock the Tannery by looting a quest item that is found in your faction's starting zone. This item is a Dirty Note for the Alliance or a Tattered Frostwolf Shield for the Horde. Once looted, the item will send you on a small quest line. After completing the quests you will be rewarded with the Garrison Blueprint: The Tannery, Level 1 and a scroll that will teach you Draenor Master Leatherworking. Non-Leatherworkers will need to wait until their Garrison has reached Level 2 to be able to access the Level 1 Blueprints for this building.

After the blueprint has been learned, head to your Architect table to pick a nice spot. Dish out 50 Garrison Resources and 150 Gold to place your Tannery. After an hour your Level 1 Tannery will be available for use.

Level 2

Garrison Blueprint: The Tannery, Level 2 is sold by your blueprint vendor inside your Garrison's Town Hall. To purchase this blueprint you will need to have reached level 96 or completed the Outpost quest line in Talador. The blueprint will cost 750 Gold. Or get it for free by redeeming one of your Outpost Assembly Notes earned from questing in Draenor.

After you have parted with your Gold, learn the blueprint and then head back to your Architect's Table. Click on the Tannery and you should now see an “Upgrade” button. Upgrading will cost you 100 Garrison Resources and 300 Gold. Your Tannery will be unavailable for 1 hour while the upgrade completes.

Level 3

Upgrading your Tannery to Level 3 is a bit more complicated. You will once again have to purchase the blueprints from the vendor inside your Garrison's Town Hall. However, there is a small catch. In order to purchase this blueprint you will need to have reached level 100 and have completed the Working More Orders achievement.

This achievement requires you to complete 250 Work Orders at your Garrison. This achievement can be obtained by completing any Work Order, not just those directly related to the Tannery. Not a difficult task if you have been keeping up with things. With that being said, it still may take you some time.

After these conditions are meant you can purchase the blueprint, for the low-low price of just 1,000 Gold! With your purse a little lighter, learn the blueprint and continue with the upgrade process at your Architect Table. This final upgrade will cost 300 Garrison Resources, 500 Gold, and will take an hour to complete.

Tannery Perks

At each level your Tannery will offer a variety of perks. Due to the nature of the building, many of the perks directly relate to the Leatherworking profession. The perks for the Tannery are:

  • Level 1 – Allows for the production of Leatherworking Items and Work Orders.
  • Level 2 – Followers may now work at your Tannery and you may now queue up 14 Work Orders.
  • Level 3 – Your Tannery is now able to hold a total of 21 Work Orders at one time.

Work Orders

When you first open your Tannery you will instantly get to place your very first ever Work Order. The resident Leatherworker will instruct you to give 5 Raw Beast Hides to the Leatherworker's Assistant. Once this is complete, the boxes outside the Tannery will activate and you will be able to loot Burnished Leather.

Work Orders are one of the biggest benefits of the Tannery for Leatherworkers. Work Orders at this building allow the Leatherworker to take 5 Raw Beast Hides into 1 Burnished Leather (more if a Follower is assigned to the building) with a chance of yielding a Sorcerous Earth or Sorcerous Water. Work Orders take a total of four hours to complete. Finished Work Orders appear on a clickable pile just outside the Tannery.

Burnished Leathers are the bread and butter of Leatherworking in Draenor. While Leatherworkers do have other sources to gain Burnished Leather, with recipes costing 100 Burnished Leather and up, you can really never have to much. Keeping your Work Orders full is well advised.

Resident Leatherworker

Inside your Tannery you will find your Resident Leatherworker; either Anders Longstitch or Murne Greenhoof, depending on your faction. For Leatherworkers, this NPC will sell you Draenor Leatherworking recipes in exchange for Secret of Draenor Leatherowrking. These secrets can be obtained with the Secrets of Draenor Leatherworking Recipe found alongside your profession patterns. This recipe costs 5 Raw Beast Hides and yields 1 Secrets of Draenor Leatherworking book. You may only use this recipe once daily.

Anders or Murne provide a different service for non-Leatherworkers. Instead of offering up patterns, this NPC will allow you to craft many high-end Draenor Leatherworking recipes. The higher level your Tannery, the more patterns you will have available to craft. Crafting using the Tannery takes exactly the same materials as it would if you had a Leatherworker craft the item for you. Leatherworking items available to Leatherworkers and not able to be crafted at the Tannery include:

  • Bags
  • Mounts
  • Upgrades
  • Burnished Leather

Assigning Tannery Followers

After your Tannery reaches Level 2, you will be able to assign a Follower to it. The Follower must have the Leatherworking trait to work here. You can find a Follower with this trait by specifying it at the Inn or getting it randomly. Only two Followers are guaranteed to have this trait:

  • Shelly Hamby – Allaince Follower from the quest Shelly Hamby.
  • Ka'la – Horde Follower from the quest Gronnlings Abound.

Adding a Follower to your Tannery will allow you to double your work order (depending on the level of the Follower). For example, a level 90 Follower only has a 50% chance of doubling your Orders, while a Level 100 Follower will have a 100% chance. Besides the chance to double Work Orders, having a Follower at your Tannery will allow you to purchase a variety of Tents. These Tents can be bought directly from the Follower and cost 25 Raw Beast Hide. Each tent has it's own unique look and allows resting for 5 minutes. If you spend at least 10 seconds resting in your tent, you will become well-rested and gain a 10% bonus to all stats for an hour.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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