HK-206 is undoubtedly one of the strongest ranged Heroes in Gigantic. While he lacks the burst of Charnok, or the elusiveness of Voden, he more than makes up for this is in his utility. With the ability to bombard an area (Mortar), alongside the suppressing fire of Bullet Barrage, he can be incredibly oppressive.

What’s also particularly strong about HK-206 is his ability to Fortify and improve the strength of not only his skills, but also himself. When bunkered in, he can not only deal massive damage, incredibly quickly, but he becomes very difficult to uproot.

HK-206’s greatest weakness is the fact he’s relatively vulnerable while roaming from control point to control point. However, as long as he has a front-line and sticks with his allies, he can comfortably carry most teams to victory.

Guide Updated: 27 July 2017



Rapid suppressing fire from Bullet Barrage locks down an area

Lacks mobility

A strong knockback in Mortar 

No real escapes - caught out of position you're in trouble

Can withstand large amounts of punishment

His Fortify mechanic means his playstyle can be quite static

Fortify allows him gain additional damage

Mortar takes some practice to aim it properly

Very versatile upgrade lines 

Rail Gun isn’t particularly satisfying to use


This section of our guide contains a list of HK-206 skills, what they do, which upgrades you should choose (and when).


Bullet Barrage (LMB) - Your basic attack allows HK-206 to fire a constant stream of bullets towards the enemy. The range is far (but inaccurate from a distance), and allows you to provide heavy covering fire against the enemy. Although it doesn’t deal huge amounts of damage per bullet, it’s the speed at which you fire that allows you to chew through enemies quickly. When upgraded the accuracy of Bullet Barrage can be improved to slow or weaken, or maintain all its damage even from a distance. Due to the fact Bullet Barrage has no reload or over-heat mechanic, don't be afraid to constantly fire. Just be aware that if you want accuracy, you need to use Fortify. 


Rail Gun (RMB) - Allowing HK-206 to fire a powerful blast of energy in a straight line the moment you press RMB, Rail Gun is a challenging skill shot. It can be difficult to land and fast moving Hero’s such as Tripp or Tyto have a fairly easy time avoiding it. Having said that, when upgraded it can become a valuable Daze, albeit with shorter range. My best advice when using it, is to ensure you lead your shot, but to also line up so that you're head-on with the target. It'll reduce the angle at which you have to aim, significantly improving your liklihood of landing your shot.


Mortar (Q) is a lobbed projectile that fires a huge rocket which detonates on impact. Once it detonates it causes brief burning; it can be later upgraded to cause a burning area or to knockback. Although it’s amazing to use, in order disrupt a control point or a fight, it can be used point-blank to knock players away from you if you've chosen the right upgrade path. My personal preference however is to pursue damage with Mortar, simply because it's so powerful in enclosed spaces. The damage, combined with the AOE burning field (once upgraded) is partly the reason why HK-206 is so strong. 


Fortify (E) - As a core component of HK-206’s kit, Fortify and its use is incredibly important. When HK-206 uses Fortify, he gains an additional +20 armor from the front and improved accuracy. The trade-off for this is the fact that when he's in this mode, he’s unable to move. Many of his skills can be improved through Fortify build on this and when upgraded, have better properties (such as Bullet Barrage dealing full damage regardless of range). My main advice when using Fortify is to only use it when you aren't exposed. Use in amongst a team fight, the enemy team can often collapse on you, and you'll die before you have the opportunity to pack up and move out. Ideally, use it when you're right at the back of a fight, or on higher ground. 


S.W.A.R.M (F) - In terms of pure damage, S.W.A.R.M is undoubtedly one of the strongest focus abilities in the game. When cast, HK-206 will lock-on to nearby targets and send out a barrage of missles towards them. It deals huge damage and if you do use it point-blank-range in someones face, they’re highly likely to die, or at the very least be forced to retreat. Just be aware that the more targets there are, the more your missiles will spread so it's often a good idea to target two to three players (rather than all 5). It'a also worth noting that players can avoid the missiles all together by using scenary, or hiding behind someone else. Try to only use S.W.A.R.M when you've a clear line of sight. 

Skill Upgrade Paths and Order


Level 1: Mortar Love (Q Left)

Level 2: Kaboom Box (Q Left)

Level 3: Siege Mode (E Left)

Level 4: Earth Mover (E Right)

Level 5: Hand Cannon (RMB Right)

Level 6: Piercing Rounds (LMB Right)

Level 7: Impeding Fire (LMB Left)

Level 8: Daze for Days (RMB Left)

Level 9: Stone Wall (Focus Right)

Level 10: Hero's Vitality (Focus Right)

Clash Talent (accessible at level 5): Bombardment


This section of our guide contains a list of tactics for fighting against other Hero's with HK-206. Please note that only the Heroes that are the highest risk and threat to HK-206 are included in this list. 

Aisling's threat isn't overly high because your Bullet Barrage can quite easily cut Cador down. Combined with your defence when Fortified and the fact Mortar leaves a fire field means that if she does get in your face, she's going to take a ton of damage. The problem is that once she arrives at your feet, you're in a difficult position. You can't stay Fortified and you can't really go toe to toe with her when she's strafing around you.

Threat: 7/10


His burning combined with his range make him incredibly annoying. It's also fairly easy for Charnok to poke you without taking much damage from your Bullet Barrage. If he drops Hot Hail on you, you're also in trouble. The best thing I've found is to try to go mid-range, hit him with Mortar/Rail Gun and then gun him down when not Fortified. You should be able to out last him, but if he dukes you and you keep taking burning damage, you'll be in trouble. 

Threat: 8/10


Griselma by herself will never kill you, because her Reach Out damage from her LMB is too low. With her turrets however - especially if she has Beastial Attunement - she can seriously cause you problems. When I say that HK-206 is a counter to Griselma, it's on the basis that you're maximum range and not being focused by her. In a close quarter environment, however if she's focused on you, at the very least you'll take a beating. 

Threat: 7/10


Lord Knossos is a real threat to HK-206 because of his mobility and damage modifiers. The fact he can also significantly boost his health for a brief period means he can withstand just about everything you throw at him. Even if you do try to escape, his movement speed and skills mean he'll be straight on you in seconds. Honestly, if you see him running at you just run for your life. 

Threat: 9/10


Dealing with Tyto The Swift, similarly to Tripp, isn't too much of a challenge as long as you can see him coming. Using Bullet Barrage constantly until he reaches you, followed by Rail Gun > Mortar > S.W.A.R.M is an easy rotation and it's gaurenteed to absolutely annhilate him. If you miss any of your shots however, you'll be in for a beating. Just be sure that you're Fortified so that if you do miss, you can uproot and zip away. 

Threat: 7/10


Xenobia’s ability to slow you, break your armor, cause burning and life steal means she's an absolute nightmare to fight against. If she has upgraded her skills so she takes 60% less damage from opponents when using her LMB you're never - ever - going to win a 1 on 1. The only way you can beat Xenobia is if you catch her out in the open and you're far away from her. If she gets close, just run. 

Threat: 9/10


This section of our guide contains a list of tips and tricks we think will help your HK-206 play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. If you aren't moving and aren't in immediate danger, you should Fortify. It allows you to take reduced damage and directly impacts some of your skills once they're upgraded.

2. Although you can, as HK-206 you really shouldn't just sit in one spot constantly. Creep forward with your team, re-Fortify and repeat the process. Pushing with your team is so much more beneficial than just firing at the back miles from the action. 

3. Mortar has a long cooldown so it's important that you don't waste it. Try to always ensure you use it in a location where it's going to hit one or multiple targets.

4. Remember that Mortar has a firing arc. It doesn't fire straight forward. You need to factor this in when using it to ensure it travels far.

5. Your Rail Gun can deal high damage, but it's a one-time use skill that fires the moment you press the skill. It took me a fair amount of practice to land my shots. It's well worth practicing with.

6. Fortify provides armor and increased accuracy. Use it to bunker down and bombard the enemy team when there's little risk of you being attacked.

7. Although HK-206 struggles in 1 on 1 encounters, you shouldn't let it put you off. He's an amazing Hero that supports in an aggresive way. As long as you're with your team constantly laying down fire he makes it very difficult for the enemy to settle in. 

8. S.W.A.R.M deals amazing damage and is incredible when used close range, as it gaurentees your enemy will take all the rockets to their face. Try to save it if you can for those "Oh, shit!" moments.

9. Your Rail Gun, once upgraded to Hand Cannon causes Daze. This prevents all actions, including sprinting. Use it on key targets who your team can spike down.

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Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017

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