lang="RU">Stealth is
a powerful weapon in the right
hands in Global Agenda. The Recon Class can use it to great effect to
be a
terror on the battlefield, picking off key targets and getting out of
situations, or into them! Unlike the Minions of PvE though, players in
PvP will
hunt you down, lead their shots to where you might be heading, and
afflict you
with Damage over Time effects that cause you to be constantly revealed.
must pick and choose your fights much more carefully, or you'll waste
cooldowns or die and waste that time used to get into position to begin

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Of course, you could just two shot people like this with some serious
ranged implants.  Who needs strategy when the enemy has big
gaping holes in them?



Generally style="">, lang="RU">
these are the maps style="">where lang="RU">the Recon gets to shine as a killer. Fights
are small-scale and people
are often on the move from one point to another in the open. Perhaps
importantly, these maps almost always have obstacles and barriers
around the
points, making them prime targets for Recons to capture. Many points
have a
little spot that is just outside the barrier that can be captured by a
bypassing any defenses and defenders in the process. Doing this, and
distracting the defense to the best of your ability or retreating
quickly to a
safe spot and sniping anyone who attempts to recapture it are both

Taking on more of a utility role is difficult on these types of maps.
Being a
Respawn Beacon assassin is difficult style="">because there are lang="RU"> so many hot spots that the beacon
placement isn't readily obvious unless you watch them spawn or move in
shortly after it.


indoor locations are impossible to
at all, so the Recon must take advantage of their powerful off style="">- lang="RU">hands and employ
themselves in more of a distraction role until an opportunity arises to
take out enemy emplacements
with the Ghost Sword or some quick sniping. However, almost all
Robotics will
have their turret cover the capture points. The good news is that if it
target you, you can target it, so turrets in this map type are always
simple to
take out.

style="">It’s important lang="RU">to be capturing points whenever you can. A
capture, if only for 10
seconds of a firefight style="">, lang="RU"> that leads to your demise and then the
recapture of the point
afterwards, will net your team 20 points and cost the other team 20
points when
it's a 1-2 game.


It's hard to be a stealth ninja when all of the attention is focused
around one
single command point. Many of these are in indoor regions and very
difficult to
snipe into effectively. The good news is that Breach teams tend to
cluster up a
lot, whether to the frantic defense of the point, or huddling around a
of Robotics Stations to heal and buff up for another assault. These are
prime targets for your Bomb abilities, and landing one or two in quick
succession will cripple or kill entire groups of people. It won't kill
stations themselves though, so after you clear them out, finish the job
the Robotics can tend to his little farm.

Generally you can only bomb or capture at the same time, but some
tossing can blast the enemy team while you capture or prevent the
capture of
the point. When your offhands are recharging, scout out your enemy's
Beacon and neutralize it. Offenses love to hide them on the rooftops or
boxes or around corners, defenses love to hide the respawn beacon in
behind walls of Robotics equipment. Often times these defensive beacons
will be
impossible to assault with standard means when there are 3-4 Robotics
defense set up near style="">them lang="RU">. It falls style="">on
you to bomb
them back
style="">in lang="RU">to the stone age, and either suicide into
the remains with your sword,
or get off a few quick shots on a key deployable or to finish off the
beacon. style="">

Remember that
you are the
sapper of
the enemy’s
and you need to keep them offline around the point--whether on offense

Payload Maps

If you’re
a good shot, these maps
a wonderful time. They

very little
enclosed space
having all attention focused on a mobile objective leads to a lot of
targets. On defense, getting behind your opponents and letting loose
with your
rifle can stop the payload dead in its tracks after those pushing it
behind are taken out. Offensive Recons can break through the initial
wall of
fire from the defenders with ease using Stealth, and break up the
Robotics camps with some simple sniping from afar. Take advantage of
the open
playing fields and rain death upon your opponents from afar and above.

If you see an opportunity to push the payload when no one else is,
that's more
important than anything. Prioritize! 


The glorious part about these

is that no
one gives a damn about
Everyone on the other team is either
trying to
stop your robot or escort theirs. This enables you to get behind the
force with ease and fill the robot with lead, or take out the enemy
Medics and
Robotics one by one since they'll be too busy healing the robot to heal
other. This mode is as close to clay pigeon shooting as it gets. Live
it up, Snipers!


This mode gives you a near
limitless field of vision from above, and
with a
minimum of movement you can take aim at any one of the given points and
off opponents. Enemy turrets have no chance if you're watching the area
above. You can even pick off opponents flying out of their spawn area
relative ease since there are no real obstacles between your exit and
enemy's exit. 

If the enemy gets too entrenched at the point, your bombs are without a
the most potent weapon in the game. Dropping 2 of these and getting to
will force evacuation or kill most
of them, and leave you the last
man standing on the point a second later. Rather than watching your
bombs go
off and cleaning up, look around for Respawn Beacons behind boxes and
capture points. No matter how many you snipe, if they're right back on
point 5 seconds later it will prove too much for your team to take on

The Recon specializes in crowd clearing and long distance slaying, and
both of
these specialties
plenty of opportunities
to shine in
PvP combat. With the right implants, people will go down in
two sniper rifle hits unless they take protection or health implants
themselves. A well played Recon will have people running from the
instead of teleporting to the action due to constant Respawn Beacon
killing and
harassment, and will keep the enemy force split up with Bomb usage.
makes perfect, so get out there and get started so you can be one of
Recons that makes the enemy team panic when they see you're not on
their team
in PvP!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016