of the Hero consists of 39 achievements in 12
different Heroic Instances. What is the reward for completing all of
achievements? A Red-Proto Drake. Aside from achievements gained during
Glory of the Hero is a difficult achievement to accomplish, because
there are
so many achievements you must earn and in more than a handful of
Some are very difficult and some are easy. In this guide, I will have
descriptions on how to earn each of the achievements in the 12
different Heroic
Instances in one spot for the convenience of our readers here at Ten
Hammer. As this is a long guide, it will take time to get to all of the
and will continue to write these achievements in different
installments, until
I finally reach all 39.

style="">Ahn’kahet the Old

Your Elders

style="">Defeat Elder Nadox in
Ahn’kahet on Heroic Difficulty without killing any
Ahn’kahar Guardians.

style="width: 393px; height: 256px;" alt=""
src="" align="right">The
first thing to know about Elder Nadox is that when the
Ahn’kahar Guardians are near Elder Nadox they make him
invincible. This is why,
when fighting him normally, the Guardians must die when they join the
The aim for this achievement is to defeat Elder Nadox without killing
any of
these Guardians. The only way to accomplish this is to separate the
from Elder Nadox. A second tank will be needed, or another person with
a lot of
HP that can survive for a time holding 2-4 of the Guardians, but a tank
be more suited as they will have to hold these Guardians without the
aid of a
healer. Be prepared to have a potion available as well as any survival
CDs at
ready for a solo job with the Guardians.

can be several ways to position Elder Nadox and
separate the Guardians for this achievement to be done:

style="font-size: 12pt; line-height: 115%; font-family: "Times New Roman","serif";">1)
way is to drag Elder Nadox out of the room and take him down the stairs
in the
next area room. This second person will stand near the doorway and
gather the
guardians as they come by, Paladin or Death Knight may be ideal for
this so
their AE ground spells may grab them before they get too far or even
Death Grip
for a Death Knight. It is most definitely recommended that the DPS try
best to kill Elder Nadox as quickly as possible so that the Tank
holding the
Guardians will survive long enough while away from a healer.

Another way is to just leave Elder Nadox where he stands,
the second tank will have to watch for Guardians as they make their way
Elder Nadox and listen in on Vent if one manages to get to him. Pull
Guardians directly opposite of where Nadox stands and hold them there.
will keep the Guardians far enough away from Nadox so that he does not
invincible. I found the downside to doing it this way is adds would
straight for the healer. So if you have someone that can do good AE
keeping than this can be done. Or a good healer.


Party’s Over

style="">Defeat Prince Taldoram
in Ahn’kahet on Heroic Difficulty with less than 5 people.

achievement description pretty much spells it out, just
defeat Prince Taldoram with less than 5 people. Easy enough, just
subtract a
DPS from your group (who is willing to step out, of course), defeat
and you’re done. Just be sure to include the DPS who stepped
out for the other
4 people the next time you decide to visit Old Kingdom so that he may
get the
achievement as well if they do not already have it.

If you
have the DPS to kill him quickly, a cool way to do
this is a second before you engage him the person who is stepping out
will have
to leave the group. The 4 remaining group members will have 55 seconds
to kill
Prince Taldoram before the 5th
group member gets ported out of the
zone. It helps is the person says something in group or in say before
the fight
so that the group leader could just right click their name in the chat
and reinvite the 5th
member easier.


style="">Defeat Jedoga
Shadowseeker in Ahn’kahet on Heroic Difficulty without
killing any Twilight

If you
have ever fought Jedoga Shadowseeker before and
couldn’t manage to dish out the DPS to kill any volunteers
before they
sacrifice themselves to her, you know the damage that she can do to
your tank and
to your group. She becomes enraged and does twice the amount of damage
that she
does if you kill her Volunteer. This achievement will be all about
survivability and of course having the DPS will help a lot –
less enrages you
have to go through. DPS will have to watch for her Whirlwinds and be
ready to
back away from her during the few seconds that she is enraged. The
healer and
tank will have to be on their toes during this time as well. Healers,
be sure
to have protective spells to protect the tank from her hard hits and
the Tank
be prepared to use any Cooldowns. You will also have to watch out for
ground lightning, especially during the time she is enraged, this can
kill the
healer and the DPS quickly if they do not get out of it fast enough.
Just survive
through her enrages from sacrificed Volunteers and destroy her before
destroys you and the achievement will be yours.


Quick Demise

style="">Defeat Herald Volazj
in Ahn’kahet on Heroic Difficulty in 2 minutes or less.

is the final boss in Ahn’kahet, he’s the guy with
tentacle arms and face and casts Insanity. During Insanity, you have to
your fellow group members, or survive long enough for them to enter
into your
Insanity and save you. This can make the fight last longer than 2
minutes, but
the goal of this achievement is to defeat Volazj in less than 2
minutes. The
best and easiest way to accomplish this is to engage Volazj without any
healers, 1 tank and 4 DPS, that’s all you need. With Dual
Specialization, your
healer and switch to their DPS spec (if they have it). It can be
if your healer does not have a DPS off spec and the other 3 DPS and
Tank are
strong enough to make up for the healer being there. Still, it is
not to have one. The reason for this is because during Insanity having
a healer
will drag the fight on longer, depending on what class they are, they
can be
difficult for some of the party members to kill. Some healers also
cannot kill
the shadows by themselves and will have to just survive through it
another party member is able to come in and kill the shadows for them.
Erase a
healer from your party and you will be able to defeat Volazj in the
time and earn the achievement. Also, be aware that if everyone in DPS
is strong
enough, you may end up dealing with a double Insanity…yes,
it has happened.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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