Guardian Achievement Points Tree





Enhance: Intercept - Your lightening-fast reflexes are able to take over more frequently. This ability hastens the reuse time of Intervene and its upgrades Enhance: Overpower - Increases the damage of Overpower and its upgrades Enhance: Ruin - Ruin and its upgrades gain in penetration, reducing your enemies' offensive skills even further Enhance: Battle Cry - Increases the mitigation of
Battle Cry and its upgrades
Enhance: Sentinel - As a Disciple of Stability, when making use of your Sentinel line of arts, you shield allies from additional damage of all types Enhance: Taunting Blow - Increases the damage and hate increase of Taunting Strike and its upgrades Enhance: Sever - Sever and its upgrades become increasingly lethal, reducing your opponents' damage even further Enhance: Hunker Down - Increases the duration of Hunker Down and its upgrades
Enhance: Moderate - Moderate and its upgrades provide additional subtlety. Your protected ally's attacks generate even less hate Enhance: Gut Kick - Increases the damage of Gut Kick and its upgrades Enhance: Concussion - Your now-heavier blows cause Concussion and its upgrades to reduce enemies' casting skills even further Enhance: Plant - Increases the duration of Plant and its upgrades
Enhance: Rescue - Hastens the reuse speed of Rescue Enhance: Slam - Increases the damage of Slam and its upgrades Enhance: Retaliate - Increases the duration of Retaliate and its upgrades Enhance: Unyielding Will - Hastens the reuse speed of Unyielding Will. This also increases the duration of Unyielding Will before and after a death prevention trigger
Enhance: Sentry Watch - Hastens the reuse speed of Sentry Watch Enhance: Precise Strike - Increases the damage of
Precise Strike and its upgrades
Enhance: Decimate - Increases the duration of Decimate Enhance: Guardian Sphere - Hastens the reuse speed of Guardian Sphere and its upgrade
Enhance: Reinforcement - Hastens the reuse speed of Reinforcement Lay Waste - This improved Assault deals more damage against a single target, has increased bonuses to hit, cannot be riposted, and has reduced casting time and power cost. Everything you need to throw a good slaughter Cripple - After any Crippling ability strikes your enemy, their next successful riposte is greatly weakened Enhance: Tower of Stone - Hastens the reuse speed of Tower of Stone
Got Your Back - Protects nearby fighters opponents' Area Effect abilities, as long as they are not a direct target Double Attack - Increases the chance to Double Attack with every melee attack   Block - Your shield blocks the next incoming melee attack and any non-directed area effects. Using any combat arts will end the Block ability early

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Fighter, and Warrior lines.

Hateful Assault Hateful Assault improves the damage and taunt
amount of the Taunting Assault line of skills.
Added Constitution Adds additional health to the Battle Tactics line
of group buffs.
Decimation Improves the damage and skill reduction of the
Decimate line of skills.
Strategic Assault Adds additional damage and decreases the casting
time of the Assault line of skills.
Guardian's Will Grants an additional mitigation gain to Hunker
Down and its upgrades. It will also make the guardian's shield more
effective while the spell is active.
Reversal Gives the guardian a chance to hit the target when
it successfully parries, blocks or deflects an attack.
Defensive Minded A short duration buff which improves the
guardian's casting and reuse speed while also granting them a chance to
dodge any incoming attack.
Sentinel Strike A large direct damage and hate increase combat
art. It also inflicts additional hate and damage over time.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Ruinous Strike Increases the base damage inflicted by Ruin and
its upgrades
Rally to Combat Improves the duration of Reinforcement.
Fight Through Death Improves the amount of healing done by Unyielding
Will. In addition, the final rank removes the death penalty.
Guardian's Phalanx Reduces the recast time of Block and Tower of
Improved Moderation Grants the guardian a group hate reduction spell.
Aggressive Entry While the target of the taunt is above 80%, the
guardian will generate increased threat through taunt abilities.
Last Man Standing Reduces all damage done to caster by 80%. This
spell will absorb a total of 7 attacks.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016