Mistmoore Catacombs Cave
Mistmoore Catacombs Upper
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The "Mistmoore Catacombs" Zone Guide


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  • Overview
  • Minimum Level
  • Connecting Zones
  • Quests
  • Heritage Quests
  • Soloing Opportunities
  • Grouping Opportunities


What good is a spooky castle, without a cavernous, dank, musty catacomb? None I tell you! Fortunately Castle Mistmoore doesn't disappoint us in this respect. Below this extremely dangerous zone is a more friendly, polite, and safer version of the castle designed for high level groups.

You might remember this zone name from EverQuest 1, as an adventure zone containing a crypt like appearance and filled with more undead than a 3 day LAN party. This zone is back and brings all kinds of nasty surprises and places to explore.

There are plenty of quests, nameds, and discovery experience points to be found so if you are brave enough, head towards Mistmoore Catacboms.


Minimum Level

This zone is for a level 60-70's group as you'll find little in the way of solo targets. That being said, it would be very easy for a 70 duo to handle 50% of what is in the zone. The lower stuff will be around the watery floor and up the climbing walls will be 60-65ish, while the more difficult creatures are up in the catacombs above.


Connecting Zones

Mistmoore Catacombs is found on the southern end of the Loping Plains. It can be a little tricky to see the ramp, but it'll end up on the shores of beautiful Timorous Deep. Take a right at the bottom, head along the shore, and inside the cave.

The other zone is obviously Castle Mistmoore itself. You'll have to climb a few walls, and pass through some halls and have some big...umm there is a staircase.


High Stakes (Level 60 Heroic) - Edghar the Toad near the entrance will give you this quest to collect 15 bones from the Rictus Gnawers. These can be found all over the bottom floor of the zone.

Dwellers in the Darkness (Level 62 Heroic) - This quest starts with Moldosk the Bat in Loping Plains. Talk to him in Somborn and he'll ask you to kill 10 Bloodbats and 10 Blightbeasts. You'll get 16 gp 49 sp 60 cp for your trouble along with some experience.

Silver Wares (Level 65 Heroic) - Alain Toad who is just inside the zone will ask you to find items made of silver. Not very specific is it? Up in the actual catacombs you'll find them in the following locations on tables.

1) 119, 178

2) 59, 200

3) -130, 171

These can be done invis. Return to Alain for your reward.

The Fire's Edge (Level 65) - Edge in Mistmoore Catacombs starts this quest (-73, -29). Find the spellbook page in the upper portion at -99, -51, and the pronounciation key at -104, -63. Return to Edge.


Heritage Quests -

A number of steps in the Cloak of Flames take place in here.

Soloing Opportunities

There really isn't any. There are a few solo bats flying near the entrance, but unless you are 70 and well equipped, bring your friends.

Grouping Opportunities

This is what Mistmoore Catacombs is all about. Lower to mid 60's heroics are in the caverns with the big bad stuff up in the catacombs. They are packed in like kids on a schoolbus in some places and have plenty of patrols so watch where you step. Some nice class armor drops here, not to mention tons of nameds an discovery points. Even at level 70 you can walk away with some great gear and good experience.


There are a few very notable drops in this zone...

Legendary Class Armor Set Piece for Arms drops off the Butler and the Epic X2 Bat in the Caves. The Butler is in the easter portion of the catacombs.

A nice ring drops of the Maid, she can be found just east of the upper catacombs entrance

Thanks for reading the Ten Ton Hammer guide to Mistmoore Catacombs. If we missed anything please email us and let us know.




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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016