Shattered Sun Offensive Quests Outside Quel'Danas

The Shattered Sun Offensive's call for help reaches all the way to Shattrath, and there's plenty of other tasks to do to get your reputation up with them, as well as earn some coin and miscellaneous items from the Shattered Sun Supply Bags. If you want Supply Bags, all of them will be obtained from Quests you perform in Outland.

There are a total of 6 Daily Quests you may perform for the Shattered Sun Offensive in Outland, all scattered across the world. We will go over each of them and figure out the best way to get them all done in the least time possible. Before starting, make sure you have Quests 1, 2, 5 and 6 in your Quest log to avoid return trips to Shattrath before necessary.

Quest #1 - The Multiphase Survey

This Quest is one of the simplest Quests you will be given, and a good starting point for your Questing for the day. You will be given some goggles by Harbinger Harohem, in the inner circle of Shattrath near the Aldor troops, and be asked to take a few readings from some problematic distortions in Nagrand's Spirit Fields. Easy enough, fly over to Nagrand's Oshu'gun Area, where Banthar and Durn the Hungerer roam.

Here, you will need to roam around a little bit and spot the fire-like distortions in the field. Head close to them, and right-click on your goggles to begin the surveying. After a few seconds, you will cast a spell and the distortion will disappear. You will need to repeat this 5 more times. Make sure to be on the lookout for Mining Nodes, Herbs, or Animals in the area as well. You will receive 10 gold and a Shattered Sun Supply Bag when you're done, along with 250 Shattered Sun Offensive Reputation!

Quest #2 - Gaining the Advantage

Emissary Mordin near the Flight Master in Shattrath will ask you to retrieve 8 Nether Residues for him, depending on your gathering profession, this will take more or less time than others. You will need to skin, gather herbs, or mine nodes in order to have a chance of seeing one residue, so Nagrand's spirit fields is one of the best areas to start as it has a wealth of monsters, nodes and herbs nearby.

If you're a Miner, fly around the rocky areas in Nagrand, then fly near the mountains south of Zangarmarsh, then North of Zangarmarsh, finally completing your rounds near Hellfire Peninsula. Needless to say, Hellfire Peninsula is probably the best place to get your Fel Iron fix and the best area to use for Nether Residues. With luck, you'll be done in no time.

If you're a Skinner, use the animals around the Spirit Fields as you do the Multiphase Survey Quest. With some patience, you will most likely be able to finish this Quest faster than a Miner or Herbalist.

If you're a Herbalist, simply fly around Terokkar, Nagrand or Blade's Edge to get your residue - this is probably the most time-consuming of them all.

It is worthwhile to mention that you may obtain Nether Residue from Mining Nodes and Herb Nodes in the Isle of Quel'Danas, as well, if you're able to secure them before other players!

Your reward for this Quest is 1 Major Rejuvination Potion and 9 gold, as well as 250 Shattered Sun Offensive Reputation.

Quest #3 - Blood for Blood & Quest #4 - Blast the Gateway

You should be near Hellfire Peninsula if you've followed this guide's layout, so head on over to the Throne of Kil'Jaeden and talk to Magistrix Seyla once more to resume your Quests there for the day, including killing Demons, and Fire Elementals.

You may see detailed instructions on these Quests by consulting our first guide to Quel'Danas and its Phase 1. Once you're done, turn in your Quests to the Magistrix and head northwest to Blade's Edge Mountains.

Quest #5 - Intercepting the Mana Cells

Arriving at Bash'ir's Landing, you will once more need to kill enough to get a Phasing Device and collect 10 more Mana Cells. You may see detailed instructions on how to accomplish this by consulting our second guide to Quel'Danas and its Phase 2. Now head East to Netherstorm, where your possible biggest timesink will be.

Quest #6 - Sunfury Attack Plans

Heading into Netherstorm, you have the option of visiting any of the ManaForge Areas or the Sunfury Camps. Here, your objective is simple. Mass-murder Blood Elf troops until you retrieve the Sunfury Attack Plans - they are a random, very low-chance drop from any of them. Recommended areas are ManaForge B'naar, since it's entering Netherstorm, or Cooru and its nearby BloodElf camps near Archmage Vargoth's Tower.

Since these camps have given players new reasons to go to Netherstorm and farm them, be wary of areas with little to no Blood Elf troops, as it's possible that they were all wiped out at once, and there's a possibility they will respawn all together and give you trouble should you stay in the area! Exercise caution and kill Blood Elves until you find your Attack Plans.

Hopefully not too long afterwards, you will have completed all the Quests for this day in Outland. This final one will reward you with 10 gold, 250 Shattered Sun Offensive Reputation, and another Shattered Sun Supply Bag.

With this, you're free to head on over to the Isle of Quel'danas if you haven't already, or simply do something else for the rest of the day.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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