The Incline is one of the cooler zones you'll visit in Tabula Rasa providing not only a hostile environment but missions and instances galore. From a rain forest with giant mushrooms to the lava flares of the Badlands, there is plenty to see and do. Ten Ton Hammer has put together an overview of this interesting zone and provides the locations of every spot you'll want to visit, not to mention the elusive Logos locations.

There comes a time in every AFS soldiers life when they've reached their potential in Torden Plains and it's time to move on to one of the most interesting zones the games has to offer, Torden Incline. If you thought the Plains were inhospitable, you'll likely find this to be downright hostile thanks to on going battles and volcanic activity. With not only challenges from combat but the environment, this is a natural progression testing your skills as a soldier and a player. You'll also have another encounter with a third faction in this zone that hates you just as much as the Bane.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016