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With patch 2.3 entire guilds were allowed access to the Guild Vault which allows the storage of up to 588 items plus a near unlimited amount of gold for a cost. The Guild Vault is shared by the entire guild with the guild leader having complete access to it. This means that any items added to it are directly accessible by the guild’s leader at any time. This means that the entire guild will need to trust not only the people with access to each tab but their guild leader as well before placing any expensive hard to replace items into the vault.

To obtain a guild vault the guild leader must go to any bank and find the vault (usually near the banks) and access it. He or she will be given the option to purchase up to six tabs each with 98 item slots (no bags are required). The prices per tab increase exponentially as you gain more and more. The prices flow like this, the first tab is 100 gold then the next tabs are 250, 500, 100, 2500, and finally 5000 gold. Once the first tab is purchased then the guild can access to the vault and begin to store and/or take money from it.

Permissions are based entirely around the guild leader’s judgment. They can give ranks access based on a tab by tab preference along with other options such as choosing how many items a day a member can take from that tab (0 for none) per day and how much gold they can remove per day. The options are fairly simple to setup and advanced enough that anyone should be able to figure out how to assign various ranks the proper permissions.

The real question comes with how you should split up each tab and who has access to what. The obvious is of course one tab should be for giving and taking openly. Creating a location for various unneeded materials to be shared amongst the guild as a whole promotes camaraderie and is mostly drama free as long as nothing of real value is placed on that tab. As for the other tabs it becomes really difficult to choose how to set things up.

Obviously one tab should be geared towards the guild’s crafters. For larger guilds you may wish to even extend this to two or three tabs. Let’s face it, materials are expensive and it’s very difficult to maintain a constant flow of materials between various members. If your guild doesn’t have any kind of material storage then consider to have some space for at least Alchemy. With the constant need of potions for most anything and everything you’re going to want to have the ability for your guild to constantly keep brewing potions. With the shared resources you’ll be able to have something created on demand no matter who is on.

One tab should be dedicated to consumables if your guild is a raiding guild. Consumables are needed by lots of different classes for various encounters. Permission wise I’d suggest assigning a higher rank the access to take the various consumables and distribute them as needed. Let everyone stick any leftovers back into the bank.

As for gold, I suggest avoiding this feature unless your guild wants to share the cost of repairs for certain classes or people. Let everyone donate but let only certain people take the money back. That’s about all the usefulness you’ll want to get out of that feature. Letting people pay for repairs should only be done if your guild specifically farms money for repairs and everyone is in agreement this is a good idea.

Remember that no matter what you do make sure you have very clear and concise rules on who can take what. With only so many tabs and so many ranks it may be difficult to choose who and what can access something. The general rule of thumb is that your officers (or officer like ranks) should be trusted to distribute anything of value. If there is too many officers then set whomever you want to control your guild resources to a separate rank with full access. Then follow your guild rules for distribution of any items that carry actual value to them.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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