This build is designed for Conquest Structured Player versus Player


The Shoutbow Warrior is a build that has only just become popular. It's a little bit different to Hambow because it doesn't use stances but is still just as powerful. It has plenty of Condition removal, good healing per Shout and is incredibly powerful 1 on 1. It's primary use is to decap, hold points or generally stall for time. Having fought many of these Warriors in recent weeks I'd have to say it's a better build than Hambow and one which has caused me considerable problems. 

Weapon Sets and Skills

Skill Variants

  • It's possible to take Balanced Stance or Endure Pain over "Fear Me!" to gain the ability to Stomp effectively or to mitigate condition heavy teams. However, I'd argue that all three Shout's combined are much more powerful. "Fear Me!" provides an unblockable Fear and heals for around 1500 health. 


Trait Variants


Sigil Variants

  • None

Runes and Amulet

Amulet Variants

Play and Usage

The general purpose of this build is to be a nuisance. Don't be mistaken in thinking that you can't deal damage and are instead a bunker because that isn't true. With Might stacking and the Celestial Amulet you're capable of dealing huge damage, especially if a fight goes on for a period of time. It's relatively easy to reach over 15 stacks of Might with this build and at that point, you hit like a truck. You should try your best to support your team while they're fighting on Control Points as your Shouts are incredibly strong at removing Conditions and buffing your team mates. In addition, if neccesary you should attempt to decap and hold opposion points as much as possible. Your health regeneration from your Shouts combined with your mobility, Fear and Might stacking make you incredibly strong in 1 on 1 encounters. Even 2 on 1 fights you can often survive for long periods at which point you should disengage and retreat. 

  • Condition Removal: Using Combustive Shot is the best way of removing Conditions from yourself thanks to Cleansing Ire Trait. If neccesary you can then use your Shouts or if these are not available your Warhorn skills will also cleanse Conditions thanks to the Quick Breathing Trait. 
  • Might Stacking: The easiest way to Might stack with this build is to blast the fire fields you create. You can quickly do this using Arcing Arrow with the Bow equipped or Call To Arms when you have the Warhorn. 
  • Shout Healing: Each of your 3 Shouts will provide 1500 Health upon use. In addition to this, your Healing Signet provides passive Regeneration and Adrenal Health also provides extra health based on the amount of Adrenaline you have. As a result, you'll easily be able to mitigate most attacks for long periods and can generally ignore minor amounts of Conditions before you need to cleanse them. 


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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