Heroes of the Storm: E.T.C. Build Guide

by on Jun 09, 2017

In this E.T.C. Build Guide, we provide an overview of his strengths, abilities and talents.


E.T.C. is a very powerful warrior that offers some of the best initiation in the game. With an ability to slide in and out of combat, boost his allies and provide himself with regeneration, there's little wonder he remains popular. Considering he also has one of the strongest heroic abilities in the game (Mosh Pit) he's still regularly picked in competitive play. It's also worth noting that the two-tank Meta really suits E.T.C as it means he can pair with a damage heavy warrior or one that has much more survivability (such as Muradin). The one drawback of E.T.C. is that if he's caught out of position he can die fairly easily, especially if his team don't back him up, but thanks to his Powerslide and Guitar Solo, he can be difficult to pin down when running away. 

Guide Updated: 9 May 2017



Fantastic initiation thanks to Power Slide 

He has absolutely woeful damage without talents 

He has multiple stuns that are brilliant at disrupting the enemy team 

Considering he's a warrior, he has a rather low health pool (2500) 

Both his Heroic abilities are fantastic

He can be easily focused by a coordinated team 

Can escape quite easily due to Power Slide + Face Melt

Relies heavily on his team due to him primarily providing utility


Rockstar (Trait) – Rockstar allows E.T.C to boost his armor every time he uses a basic or heroic ability. It doesn't stack but lasts 2 seconds and grants him a straight 20% damage reduction while it's active. Key to surviving with E.T.C right now is ensuring Rockstar is constantly active, whether hitting minions or players. 

Powerslide (Q) – This is going to be your main source of initiation, as well as your most effective way of peeling for your teammates and interrupting channels. Powerslide can also be used to block the escape of fleeing enemies, or to quickly become a shield for your allies. Of course, it also combos extremely well with Face Melt. Just be sure not to always engage with it as you'll then be left with limited means of escaping for at least 12 seconds. 

Face Melt (W) – The damage of this ability is negligible, but the displacement it offers can be extremely useful. As mentioned earlier, it combos well with Powerslide, as you can dash to your desired location, then either push enemies away, or isolate a priority target and send them alone right into the rest of your team. Face Melt also offers a reliable way to interrupt channeled abilities, as well.

Guitar Solo (E) – The health regeneration provided by Guitar Solo makes it very difficult for E.T.C. to be poked down, and will also make him a challenge to be taken down in a 1v1 situation, particularly as the game goes on. This means it will often take multiple enemy Heroes to try to stop E.T.C., and that can free up the rest of your team to take an objective, or force a favorable fight. By level 20 it heals for around 120 health per second for 4 seconds: not too bad. 

Mosh Pit (R) – Your best-case scenario is to being able to Powerslide into the middle of a grouped-up team, and land a 5-man stun with Mosh Pit. Of course, this won’t always be possible, and there will certainly be times where you’ll simply need to start Moshing with 2 or 3 priority targets. Be aware that crowd control will stop this ability as it is a channel, so you need to be conscious of who’s a threat to stop you on the enemy team. Most teams will draft plenty of stuns to deal with Mosh Pit so you may have to turn to Stage Dive. 

Stage Dive (R) – There is a short channel time to trigger Stage Dive but E.T.C. has global range on his jump. Due to the lengthy and hefty slow that Stage Dive applies, this can be a very effective initiation tool. If nothing else, it can force your foes to split up and/or burn their movement speed abilities, which can set up a favorable fight for your side. With Battlegrounds getting larger and requiring objective interaction, Stage Dive has taken up root as E.T.C's best Heroic simply for the global pressure it provides. 


Level 1: Block Party

Block Party periodically reduces the damage from Hero Basic attacks by 50% and grants two charges when you Powerslide. It will buy you time when you inititate and save your life when trying to escape. Considering most enemy Heroes are basic attack heavy (certainly the most popular) it's invaluable. 

Level 4: Loud Speakers

Increasing the knockback distance and range of Face Melt by 50%, Loud Speakers allows E.T.C to not only protect his team easier, but also push an enemy Hero much further away from their team once he has used Powerslide. 

Level 7: Echo Pedal

For a more offensive option, Echo Pedal is a great alternative as it allows E.T.C to cause a pulse every time he uses a basic or heroic ability. Although the additional damage isn't enormous, it adds a nice little bit of pressure and also deals bonus damage against minions and merc camps. 

Variable: Pinball Wizard allows your Face Melt to deal 200% bonus damage to anyone affected by Powerslide. Considering you'll regularly hit multiple foes, it's a huge boost to your damage that can cause real problems for lone targets, or groups. 

Level 10: Stage Dive

Stage Dive is often the go-to Heroic for E.T.C right now. With large Battlegrounds and objective heavy maps, this global Heroic is a must. Its slow is amazing, the fact it can land you anywhere a life-saver and you can often bully lanes in an instant. When your opponents have lots of crowd control, it's your only option. 

Variable: It can be difficult to "land" properly in a PUG environment as your team, without communications, won't know when you're going to do it. That said, if you can land a Mosh Pit and your team is prepared for it (or sees you diving in) then you'll no doubt cause major problems for the opposing team. 

Level 13: Mic Check

Face Smelt allows Face Melt to slow any enemies hit by 50% for 2 seconds. It's a huge slow and not only allows E.T.C to escape easily but if he's aggresively keep enemies pinned in place.

Variable: Mic Check allows E.T.C to lower the cooldown of his Face Melt by 6 seconds if he hits more than 2 targets. This halves its cooldown and is easily achieved, especially mid and late game. It provides lots more suvivability and makes E.T.C a huge nuisance. 

Level 16: Show Stopper

Show Stopper reduces all damage taken by E.T.C. by 15% for 4 seconds after using Powerslide.  Your initiation just got uber and your survivability significantly better. It's a no-brainer and pairs in well with Block Party. 

Level 20: Crowd Please

If you've taken Stage Dive, pickup Crowd Pleaser. If you can land Stage Dive against multiple enemies, you'll be able to use it constantly. 

Variable: Death Metal is a fantastic alternative as it ensures when E.T.C does die, he uses a Mosh Pitt at his location. This, if he dies in the right spot, can often result in the enemy team being wiped (as long as you have other team mates alive). 


These Hero Threat Levels (1 being lowest threat and 10 being highest threat) are to help you determine which enemy Heroes can give you a headache. For the Heroes listed here, take extra care as they're particularly dangerous for E.T.C. 



Brightwing: Polymorph is a nuisance and can instantly prevent your Mosh Pit.


Jaina: Her range, damage and slow destroy just about everyone.  E.T.C. is no different.  


Falstad: His mobility and damage can be a real headache to deal with. Even if you do Powerslide towards him, he'll just dart away. 


Nazeebo: His Zombie Wall, leaping Corpse Spiders and both Ultimate abilities are a challenge as they'll deal lots of damage before you get anywhere near. 


The Butcher: Lamb to the Slaughter will gaurentee that you die and his Onslaught > Hamstring combo will eat a ton of your health. 


Thrall: His self healing, root and Chain Lightning make him a pain to deal with. You can't 1 on 1 him and he can lock you down. 


Tyrande: Her stun combined with her ability to make you vulnerable can absolutely ruin E.T.C., especially if you have just used Mosh Pit. 


Malfurion: His root is a major issue as it can prevent you from escaping and zone you out before you have an ability to Powerslide into combat. 


Muradin: His stun will constantly annoying for the entire match. If you try to Mosh Pit, he'll just interrupt you instantly. 7/10 Uther: Similarly to Muradin, Uther will save all his stuns for you and prevent your escape.  5/10


This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your E.T.C. play. We'll continue to add to the list as required and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

1. Initate into the enemy and hit Mosh Pit, but only if your team is ready.  

2. Powersliding behind an enemy and Facemelting them back into your team is your best combo. 

3. E.T.C. has invaluable stuns that can disrupt the enemy team. Make sure you use them against key Heroes (such as Lili when she ultimates). 

4. Remember that you're fairly squishy for a warrior - be sure your team is with you. 

5. Any enemy Heroes that are capable of stunning you should be treat with caution - they'll stop your Mosh Pit and then you and your team are in trouble. 

6. E.T.C. works amazingly well alongside another warrior, especially one that's "tanky". 

7. Your trait provides a 20% armor increase when you use basic or heroic abilities. Capitalize on this in a team fight. 

8. E.T.C is still highly viable against a stun heavy composition - just take Stage Dive instead. 

9. If you can, try to save Powerslide for escaping should you need it. It's undoubtedly amazing for engaging but you don't always need it. 

10. Don't be afraid to use Stage Dive even if you're in the middle of a fight (or on the edge) as the slow is amazing by itself. 

Last Updated: Jun 09, 2017