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An extra set of hands, or how to hire a farm hand for Sunsong Ranch

A lot of players spend time honing their farming skills at Sunsong Ranch in ths Valley of the Four Winds.  After all there is a lot to do there and many reasons to make sure you farm each day.

One quest that many players seem to have issues with, and one that is currently the end of the Sunsong Ranch quest chain is called A Second Hand.  This quest has you hire a NPC to help you with the chores around the farm.

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Before you can go about hiring a farm hand you need to accomplish several things.  The pre-requisites are:

  • You need to be exalted with the Tillers.
  • You need to have fully expanded your farm by removing the large boulder from the farm.
  • You need to reach Best Friend status with the farm hand you wish to hire.

The most important part of the pre-requisites is earning reputation with the Tillers and the various members.  You can find out how to do that in our guide about the Tillers and their reputation.

However, even once you have reached exalted reputation and cleared the boulder from the farm, you will not likely be best friends with any of the tillers.  Therefore you will need to continue to complete daily quests and turn in items to earn friendship with the individual Tiller members.  It takes most players quite a bit longer to earn the members friendship than it does to earn reputation with the Tiller faction.

What the Farm Hands have to offer

You can hire any of the various NPC’s that cycle through the town market, however most of them do absolutely nothing for you other than allow you complete the quest.  The two that do help you in some way other than completing the A Second Hand quest are Jogu the Drunk and Gina Mudclaw.

Gina Mudclaw – Gina is probably the most useful of the farm hands to have around.  Since she is a vendor that offers repairs, she is nice to keep close so that you can sell items, repair, and even buy Tiller reputation items.

Jogu the Drunk – Jogu will move to your pond and can provide his crop forecast from there instead of by the vendors.  This isn’t a huge help but it does make him closer to you.

The rest of the possible Tiller members are: Chee Chee, Ella, Farmer Fung, Fish Fellreed, Haohan Mudclaw, Old Hillpaw, Sho, and Tina Mudclaw. 

Any of these eight NPC’s will show up and be your farm hand and complete the quest, however they basically just wander around the farm and do minor animations.  They do not however do anything useful for you.

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These are just a few of the hands you could hire.

Issues with completing the quest

Players constantly have issues completing this quest as you need to watch who you ask to be your farm hand and when you ask them.

If you ask a NPC that is giving out daily quests it can cause minor issues, or function perfectly.  Either way though they will not show up to your farm until the following day when they are no longer handing out a daily quest.

It is therefore best to wait until the NPC you choose to be your farm hand is at home and then ask them.  This obviously does not apply for Gina and Jogu since they are always at the market, but you should still wait until they are not giving out daily quests.


Personally, I was really disappointed with the whole farm hand quest and implementation. I took it for granted that the hired hand would actually help out around the farm. I would have been happy if they could have picked weeks, or ran off varmits, or watered the crops, maybe even have each one do one or two different things. However, sadly, they mainly just stand around.

What is your take on the farm hands at Sunsong Ranch? Do you believe they may get better over time?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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