Holidays in Norrath

Everquest 2 Gets Festive

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

It's the most wondeful time of the year!  We learn the true
meaning of credit card debt, sit in "mall traffic", and get that
bargain bin PC
game from aunt Edna because "she knows we love
games."   I'll admit there are positive aspects also, like
being able to watch "A Christmas Story" to my hearts content, and
having tons and tons of food.

This holiday season SOE has provided us with some interesting
far exceeding the candles and nog we got last year.   They
even gave a name to the festivities, and no it's not
"Chrismahanukwanzakah", so turn off MTV for a second here.   I
promise they'll rerun the Real World.

In this weeks "Producers Letter"  Scott Hartsman, Senior Producer
of Everquest 2, gives us a little insight into the history of
"Frostfell."  Apparently "Frostfell," comes during the coldest
month of the year appropriately named "Deepice."   As any
tradition goes, there are more descrepancies on the origin of Frostfell
than the origin of that tuppaware conatiner in the back of your fridge.

The Origins of Frostfell

Some races, believe it began during the "Lost Ages"  when
rebelled against the other gods abandonment of mortals.  It's said
he hid gifts secretly when he knew his followers would need them the
most to give them an advantage over their enemies.   Other
races, claim its origins come from Quellious coming in disguise and
showing compassion to both believers and non-believers by providing
equal treatment.   Both sides agree that it is a time of hope
and faith for the future.

There are four days in the celebration of Frostfell.   Day
one, is called Kinship Day.    Kinship day according to
tradition is the day devoted to family and friends.  
Apparently there is lots of hugging and love so it's your basic group
therapy.   Day two, is Feasting Day.   Sounding a
little more my speed personally, Feasting day is when everyone prepares
wonderful meals such as "Vulrich casserole" and "Manticore
suprise."  The third day is Gifting Day.  Unsuprisingly gifts
are given to one another on this day   The elves I spoke with
say they get sweaters every year (you'd think somebody would get them
something cool).   The final day, is Frostfell
Day.   A day of goodbyes and well wishes, there is usually a
parade involved with Pokemon ballons that have blown away.  
Alright thats just in my mind, but it'd be cool to see.

You'll notice a number of decorations around your hometowns but the
main celebrations will be held in Qeynos Harbor for those of good
alignment and East Freeport for those of evil alignment.  
Festivities await everyone though!

Walking in a Frostfell Wonderland

Being the dedicated player I am I of course went straight to Test to
keep abreast of all the changes going into place!  Ok, I had a
character already there from 5 months ago that I haven't touched since
then.  I took the bell over to Qeynos Harbor to be greeted by this


"What's the big deal?" you're thinking.   So they got a
ginormous candy canes.   You'll notice to the left there is a
little bucket.   Not just any bucket, a bucket of
snowballs.   That's
right!   Pick up a stack, put them in your charm slot, and
you are ready to start pegging people.   I giggled for a few
minutes as I pounded that guy who told me to "Try my luck fishing
there!"    I don't care that you've been fishing there
since you were a small boy so eat snow!

I made my way north to the courtyard where I expected to see whatever
excitement I was to find in Qeynos Harbor.  I moved past piles of
wrapped presents and snowmen which gave the town a festive
feeling.   I have to admit I was quite suprised when I
arrived and saw the following:

The Tree is Trimmed
in Qeynos Harbor

Absolutely amazingly decorated, and even having a star on top this tree
was wonderful.  I approached the tree to find a number of presents
and curious elves underneath it.  One of them was kind enough to
share the history of Frostfell with me, and another was quite willing to sell me
unique presents such as stockings and wrapped
presents.     One elf  in particular will
actually present you with a different gift each day of the
festival.   The only thing that struck me as odd about this
scene was, what had happened to the Clock of Ak'Anon?

Can't Have Holidays without Trouble

**Mild Spoiler Alert.  The following will outline part of the
holiday quest.  I won't provide anything you won't see in your

Happily I made my way around the tree speaking to each elf in
turn.  I collected some lovely gingersnap cookies, got a history
lesson, and saw what was for sale.  I finally ended up at Pinchy
Presentpeeler where things took a turn for the worse.

Pinchy Presentpeeler

Pinchy told me a tragic story!  The Gigglegibber goblins have
apparently kidnapped Lord Bowsprite, leader of the elves, leaving them
with no one in charge!   The snowglobe reward was more than
enough to make this cause noble so I proceeded to grill the nearest
gambling goblin I can find.   After a thorough interrogation
he finally gave up that Lord Bowsprite was being held in a secret
underground lair beneath the Enchanted Land docks.  

Valiantly I made my way to the Enchanted Lands.  Struggling for
air with my meager level 13 swimming skills I made my way to the
Gigglegibber lair.   Much to my suprise there was no
aggression from them(most likely they know what a frequent gambler I am
and hate to lose me).  I made my way straight to the head cheese
and demanded the immediate release of Lord Bowsprite.

The Gigglegibber King

Suprisingly, the King gave me no lip about releasing his
prisoner (because I'd have gone gangster on him...or ran away
screaming).  I of course expecting this type of logic from the
Goblins waited as I heard what I needed to do.   Go ask for
the key?  That sounds easy enough.   The key is in 4
parts and I need to assist all 4 people to get the pieces?  That
sounds more like what I'm used to.

The tasks given to me were a variety of things from the
interesting to the positively mundane.   One individual sent
me back to town to buy stacks of coal so many times I wanted to slap
him.   Fortunately you are provided with a bag allowing you
to summon a goblin who will transport you  back.   The
most interesting of the tasks involved some pots that lit up in a
certain order.   You would have to repeat this order to
proceed further.   It was kind of a "simon says" game that
was really refreshing to see and impressed me.

I won't spoil anymore but freeing Lord Bowsprite was an interesting
task requiring a little bit of time and much more interesting than
doing that solo writ I know you are thinking about grabbing.

Overall, I have to say once again SOE has suprised me with the time and
effort they put into this.   Snowball fights, presents, a
quest, and tons of decorations are without doubt going to make this
holiday season a fun one in Norrath.   I'll take the time
personally to wish everyone a Happy Frostfell and hope you enjoy this
season in Norrath as much as I have.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016