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Finding quests got you down? The rest of your friends or guild already 70? Want to get to level 70 as fast as possible? Join the crowd! Getting to level 70 fast is the goal of most WoW players. It's true, there are those out there that want to experience the joy of exploring and finding out things on your own. But hey, they are the minority! Most of us are the impatient types that want to get the end game to get the best loot possible, or join that raid to see what few players see, or get to the peak of the PvP ladder.

Without further delay, I present our leveling guide from level 60 to 70. This guide is meant to show you the fastest way to level from 60 to level 70. This is from our experience and research and has proved to be very fast, however there is always room for improvement. So if you see spots for tweaks, please send them in!

Throughout the guide you will find several comments and notes set appart in colored frames. They represent the following:


Blue frames represent instance opportunities. They highlight the instances that are appropriate and available for your level. They mention some of the instance details and link to guides for the instance.

While instances are completely optional and many players feel they slow down your leveling, I strongly suggest them for several reasons. The first being that WoW is an MMO and you should group occasionally. Secondly they provide a break from the straight questing and grinding od the rest of the game. Lastly they provide some of the best gear in the game at your current progression level, which will speed up your questing and leveling once you have finished the instance.

Yellow frames represent grinding opportunities, either for experience or reputation.

There are several areas in the game where it can be more efficient to grind out that next level than to complete quests. While I try to point out quest opportunities at every stage of the game, sometime even with quests you just will not get enough experience for that next level. It may be that you just can't finish some because they are over farmed, or the quest that takes 200 kills for everyone else to get 10 drops took you 10 kills. Either way, you may need to grind occasionally.

The easiest way to follow this guide is to alt-tab to it from WoW after completing a batch of quests. You can also print it out and follow it that way, but ink these days is just too expensive.

Level Sixty to Sixty One

Hellfire Peninsula

Click the image to open a seperate window to our quest database, where you can find additional information on each quest, larger maps and more.

Start off by picking up the quest "Through the Dark Portal" at the entrance of the Dark Portal just outside of it. Go to through the portal to turn it in and accept "Arrival in Outland" and then "Journey to Thrallmar" and take the flight to Thrallmar.
Once there turn in "Journey to Thrallmar " and pick up "Report to Nazgrel ". Turn that in and accept "Eradicate the Burning Legion", also make Thrallmar your home (IE: set your hearth stone to here at the inn). Also pick up "Bonechewer Blood" and "I Work for the Horde".
Turn in "Eradicate the Burning Legion" just outside of Thrallmar at 58,41 and get "Felspark Ravine".
There is a large group of Bonechewer Orcs along with tons of broken machine parts just south of Thrallmar. Pick up the machine parts while killing orcs at the same time to get both "Bonechewer Blood" and "I Work for the Horde" done at once.
Next up head to Felspark Ravine just east of Thrallmar to complete that quest then turn in all quests and gain "Forward Base: Reaver's Fall" and "Apothecary Zelana"
Head to Reaver's Fall around 65,43 to turn in "Forward Base: Reaver's Fall" and "Apothecary Zelana". Then pickup the followups "Disrupt Their Reinforcements" and "Spinebreaker Post". Head east to 70,45 and 74,38 to complete the quest at the portals and return for the follow up quests "Mission: Gateways Murketh and Shaadrez" and Mission: The Abyssal Shelf". Both of these are insanely fun bombing quests. Once done, take a flight to Spinebreaker Post. Once done the bombing quest make sure you get "Forge Camp: Mageddon".
In Spinebreaker finish "Spinebreaked Post" and pick up "Make them Listen", "Preparing the Salve", "Boiling Blood", "The Warp Rifts" and "Wanted: Worg Master Kruush".
Head west out of Spinbreaker to find the MOBs for "Make Them Listen", fight them until you complete the quest and they drop the Mysterious Tome, which starts "Decipher the Tome". Turn in both quests and get "The Battle Horn", the MOB for this can be found around 54,83. Continue this chained with "Bloody Vengeance" at 63,77 and "Honor the Fallen" at 56,77.
Head to the Zeppelin Crash site near 50,75 to pick up the "In Case of Emergency", "Void Walkers Gone Wild" and "Ravager Egg Roundup". Head south west to 49,81 to finish "The Warp Rifts" and "Voidwalkers Gone Wild", and collect the eggs near 36,90.

Turn those in and get "Hellboar, the Other White Meat" and "Void Ridge". Kill any of the boars around. When done turn it in to get "Smooth as Butter" which you can complete east of there at 62,66. While there finish "In Case of Emergency" and "Preparing the Slave". Turn all these in at the Zeppelin and Spinebreaker and head to Zeth'Gor near 66,72.

While getting there kill any orcs you see for "Boiling Blood", which can be finished at the cauldron there. You can also find Kruush to complete "Wanted: Worg Master Kruush".
Finish "Void Ridge" near 75,70 and then head back to turn it in and get "From the Abyss". You can finish that at the crystals located neat 80,79.
Return to Thrallmar, turning in all quests on the way and getting "Falcon Watch", "The Assassin", "Forge Camp: Mageddon", Cannons of Rage", Doorway to the Abyss", and "Burden of Souls" while there.
Head to "Forge Camp: Mageddon" at 64,32 to finish it and move onto "Cannons of Rage" at 58,30 and then "Doorway to the Abyss" at 53,27. From there if you can find a group for "Cruel's Intentions" great, if not just skip it until later.
Head south west of Thrallmar, where you can find the goblins for "Burden of Souls" along the wall by Hellfire Citadel, then keep going to 33,43 to find "The Assassin". Keep going west and then south to Falcon Watch, turn in the quest of the same name.
While there pick up "The Great Fissure", "Magic of the Arrakoa", "Birds of a Feather", "Report to Zurai", "Helping the Cenarion Post""In Need of Fellblood", "Trueflight Arrows", "Arelion's Journal", and "Source of the Corruption". Make sure you learn the next level of First Aid while here and grab the flight point.
Fly back to Thrallmar, turn in "Burden of Souls" and "The Assassin" and talk to the people to gain "A Strange Weapon" and then "The Warchief's Mandate". Head west to the Pools of Agonnar and complete "In Need of Felblood", "Arelion's Journal" and "The Agony and the Darkness" (assuming you got it from the item drop that stared "Vile Plans").
Head west to the assassins body again, and start "A Spirit Guide". This leads to "The Mag'har" Head back to Falcon Watch, stopping on the way to finish "The Great Fissure" near 34, 60 and "Trueflight Arrows" near 26,47. Then turn in all quests at Falcon Watch and pick up "The Cleansing Must be Stopped", "Marking the Path", and "Arelion's Secret".
Take a quick flight back to Thrallmar to turn in "The Mag'har" and get the next part, "Messenger to Thrall". Save this quest for a while, until you have a reason to head back to Ogrimmar. Head west and finish "The Cleansing Must be Stopped" along the way in the Pools of Agonnar, and then head down the road to Falcon Watch until you find Magister Aledis (who follows the road on a Blood Elf mount), complete "Arelion's Secret" and get "The Mistress Revealed". To do the next part of this quest you must head west into Zangarmarsh and purchase a bottle of Cenarion Spirits form the innkeeper in Cenarion Refuge. Next run north in Zangarmash to Swamprat Post (since your almost there already) and get the flight point. Fly back to Falcon Watch.
While in Falcon Watch finish off "Arelion's Mistress" with the spirits bought from Zangarmarsh.
Head east of Falcon Watch to finish "Marking the Path" (located at 29,60; 36,66; and 29,60), then head south-east of Falcon Watch to finish "Maric of the Arrakoa" and "Birds of a Feather" in the Den of Haal'esh. Once done, return to town and turn them in.

By this point you will have progressed far enough and gained enough new equipment to handle the first instance in the Outlands if you want to. You should start up the LFG (Looking For Group) tool and set it for The Hellfire Ramparts. If you get a group for this instance you can look forward to some very good gear for the level and at least 1/4 of a level of experience.

If you choose to venture into the instance you can find a guide covering all the strategies and tactics needed right here: TenTonHammer's Guide to the Hellfire Ramparts.

You are now pretty much done in Falcon Watch and should head west to Cenarion Post, which is found just south of the road heading into Zangarmarsh at 15,52. Turn in "Helping the Cenarion Post" and get "Colossal Menace", "Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!", and "Demonic Contamination". You can find the boars to complete the contamination quest all around the area. Once done, turn it in and get and complete "Testing the Antidote".
Next head into the Ruins of Sha'naar to compete "Source of the Corruption", and to talk to the quest giver "Naladu" at 15,58, and you can complete it at 16,65. Continue with this chain with "A Traitor Among Us" (14,63), "The Dreghood Elders" (15,59; 13,60; and 13,58), and then "Arzeth's Demise".
Head north into the pass to finish "Keep Thornfang Hill Clear!", then turn everything back in at Cenarion Post, and then Falcon Watch.
By this time you should be level 61 and ready to move on to Zangarmarsh. Fly to Swamprat Post to continue your adventures.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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