This continues our leveling guide from level 60 to 70. This guide is meant to show you the fastest way to level from 60 to level 70. This is from our experience and research and has proved to be very fast, however there is always room for improvement. So if you see spots for tweaks, please send them in!

The easiest way to follow this guide is to alt-tab to it from WoW after completing a batch of quests. You can also print it out and follow it that way, but ink these days is just too expensive.

Level Sixty Five to Sixty Seven


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Anytime after reaching level 65 you will be high enough level to find a group and run through the Sethekk Halls in Auchindoun.

If you choose to venture into the instance you can find a guide covering all the strategies and tactics needed right here: TenTonHammer's Guide to the Sethekk Halls.

For the next portion of your journey to level 70, you will spend time exploring Nagrand, which is west of Terokkar and south of Zangarmarsh. You can enter this zone from the north close to Shattar, or from the west from Zangarmarsh. There is a third way in from the south west corner of Terokkar as well. To start your adventures though, enter from the North-East corner and visit the Nesingwary Safari at 70,40.

Throughout the zone there are several drops that you should collect to turn in for reputation when you get a chance. They are the Obsidian Warbeads and Oshu'gu Crystal Powder. The Warbeads are turned in for Reputation with the Mag'har in Garadar. The Oshu'gu Crystal Powder is turned in at the PvP town of Halaa when your faction has captured it.

The Nesingwary Safari is a continuation of the Safari quests from Stranglethorn Vale in Azeroth, which where some of my favorite quests. Talk to the various people in the safari and get part 1 of the following chains: "Clefthoof Mastery", "Windroc Mastery", and "Talbuk Mastery".
Head just west and south of the safari to find the various MOBs to complete the quests. Also seek out and kill enough of the Dust Howlers to get the dropped quest "Howling Wind". Turn these all in back at the Safari and get the second part of each (all parts have the same names), and then head west on the road to Garadar.
While in Garadar, get all the quests that you can there. Once done head north to finish "The Howling Wind" and "The Throne of the Elements" across the lake. Then pickup "A Rare Bean", "Murkblood Corrupters", and "The Underneath".
Complete "The Underneath" by talking to the earth elemental Gordawg that wanders the immediate area, and get "The Tortured Earth".
Head west to complete "Clefthoof Master", "Talbuk Master" and "A Rare Bean" (by picking through the dung piles by the Talbuk, yuch!). Then head back to the Throne of Elements to turn in "A Rare Bean" and get "Agitated Spirits of Skysong". Complete this in the lake, then turn it in for "Blessings of Incineratus".
Head to the south east to find earth elementals to complete "The Tortured Earth" and then complete "Blessings of Incineratus at the village along the eastern edge of the zone. The huts are all around 71,50, and must be completely entered to set them on fire.
Next head to the southern border with Terokkar to complete "The Impotent Leader" at 20,60 in Terokkar and get "Don't Kill the Fat One", then "Success!" and "Because Kilrath is a Coward" and "Standards and Practices".
Next you head to the Burning Blade Ruins around 73,69 in Nagrand to complete "Message in Battle", "Standards and Practices", and "Diplomatic Measures". Turn in the quests you can to Lantresor (located at 73,62) and then get "Armaments of Deception" and "Ruthless Cunning".
Next up is completing the last two quests you got along with "Wanted: Giselda the Crone" at Kil'sorrow Fortress which can be found just to the south east at 70,80. Head back to Latresor to turn these in.
Go north to the Throne of Elements to turn in "The Tortured Earth" and "Blessings of Incineratus" and get the next part in those chains "Eating Damnation" and "The Spirit Polluted".
From here move west along the mountains to the Laughing Skull Ruins (found near 46,23) to complete "Returning the Favor", "Body of Evidence", "Wanted: Zorbo the Advisor" (found in the cave at 46,18), and "Proving your Strength".
Now head west along the road to complete "The Missing Warparty" and "Missing Mag'hari Procession" at 32,36. Once turned in get "Finding the Survivors", "War on the Warmaul" and "Once Were Warriors".
Go just south west into Sunspring Post to complete a multitude of quests: "Once Were Warriors", "Murkblood Leaders", "Murkblood Corrupters", and "Vile Idolatry". You can also try to get and complete "The Totem of Kar'dash" while in the village, however you may need some assistance. Turn in any quests you can at the the group of Mag'hari.
After turning in your quests, jump into the lake south of the village to find and kill the MOBs to complete "The Spirit Polluted".
Head south of the lake to the Consortium village called Aeris Landing and turn in "The Consortium Needs You!" and get "Stealing from Thieves" and "Matters of Security".
Go south to the giant crystal Oshu'gun to complete the two quests for the Consortium and then turn them in.

Oshu'gun and the crystal areas surrounding it are probably the best grinding spots in the zone. There are many mobs there that have very low health, die easily and spawn quickly. They are also spaced nicely and can generally be pulled without risk of getting multiples. If you want some quick experience this is the place to be.

Follow the road east watching for MOBs to kill for "Eating Damnation" and "Windroc Mastery". Skirt around the Alliance city of Telaar to the road east of it to find the Goblin Wazat at 61,67. Get the quests "I Must Have Them!" and "Bring Me The Egg!" from him.
Run to turn in all the quests you have completed at the various areas to cleanup your quest log and get any follow ups.
You should now be able to complete "An Audacious Advance", "Muck Diving" and "Bleeding Hollow Supply Crates" all around Halaa (found in the center of the map around 44,44).
Head to Warmaul Hill (found at 25,25) to complete "Finding the Survivors" and "War on the Warmaul" and then turn them in. There is a follow up quest to kill their leader, but unless you have a full group you can not complete it. My suggestion is leave it for later unless you have a group already.
You should now be just shy of level 67. Turn in any remaining quests and you then have a few choices. You could find a group and complete the various small group quests (2-5 players) in the zone which include the various hunting quests and more, or you can grind out the last little bit to 67, or move on to the Blade's Edge Mountains
Once you are ready to go the the Blade's Edge Mountians you can get to them through two tunnels along the north of Zangarmarsh.

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