This continues our leveling guide from level 60 to 70. This guide is meant to show you the fastest way to level from 60 to level 70. This is from our experience and research and has proved to be very fast, however there is always room for improvement. So if you see spots for tweaks, please send them in!

The easiest way to follow this guide is to alt-tab to it from WoW after completing a batch of quests. You can also print it out and follow it that way, but ink these days is just too expensive.

Level Sixty Eight


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Anytime after reaching level 68 you will be high enough level to find a group for the second Caverns of Time instance, Opening the Dark Portal. This instance is not in the Outlands though, and to get to it you must head back to Tanaris in Azeroth.

If you choose to venture into the instance you can find a guide covering all the strategies and tactics needed right here: TenTonHammer's Guide to Opening the Dark Portal.

The first place to visit it the Goblin town of Area 52, making sure you get the flight point just outside the walls.

While in Area 52 get the following quests: "Securing the Shaleskin Shale", "In a Scrap with the Legion", "The Archmage's Staff", "You're Hired!", "Consortium Crystal Collection", "Essence for the Engines" and "Invaluable Asset Zapping".

Wow! That's allot isn't it. As you will find out there is allot to do to level from now on as you need insane amounts of experience.

Also grab your faction quests, which for Aldor are "Distraction at Manaforge B'naar" and "Naaru Technology". If you are Scryer they are "Manaforge B'naar" and "Bloodgem Crystals".

Just outside of Area 52 and to the west you can find the flayers for "Securing the Shaleskin Shale", turn it in to get "That Little Extra Kick".
"That Little Extra Kick" can be completed by killing the Rays all around, then east to the Arklon ruins to complete "Invaluable Asset Zapping", "The Archmage's Staff" and "Consortium Crystal Collection".
The items for "Invaluable Asset Zapping" are found near 40,75 while Pentatharon for "Consortium Crystal Collection" can be found at 42,72. "The Archmage's Staff" can be complete just north at 40,72.
Turn these in at Area 52 for follow ups "Dr. Boom!", "A Heap of Ethereals" and "Rebuilding the Staff".
Go north to "Dr. Boom" and then "You're Hired" and "Rebuilding the Staff" in the Ruins of Enkaat directly north of Area 52 at 30,56..
Turn in and get "Curse of the Violet Tower" and "Report to Engineering" which will lead to "Essence for the Engines" which can be completed by killing the Mana Wraiths all around town. Get the follow up "Elemental Power Extraction".
Go south to finish "Elemental Power Extraction" near 35,75 and "A Heap of Ethereals" by killing the Zaxxis clan MOBS around 30,75
Turn in for "Elemental Power Extraction" and "Sigil of Krasus".
Head south to finish "Elemental Power Extraction" and then north west to Manaforge B'naar find "Warp-Raider Nesaad" (28,79) there and complete your faction quests as well.
Return to Area 52 for the faction follow ups. At this point the faction chains will continue with different quests for each faction however they both involve multiple runs to Manaforge B'naar and Manaforge Coruu to finish the chains. Complete the runs back and forth before moving on. While at Manaforge Coruu complete "The Sigil of Krasus" by killing Spellbinder Maryana at 50,83 and then get "Krasus's Compendium".
Head east to a place absolutely packed with quests, Kirin'var Village. This tiny place is found right at the eastern edge of Netherstorm near 57,85.
In Kirin'var you should pickup the following quests around the main tower: "Torching Sunfury Hold", "The Sunfury Garrison", "Indispensable Tools", "Malevolent Remnants", "The Unending Invasion", "A Fate worse than Death" and my personal favorite "Needs More Cowbell".
Go just south of the tower to finish "The Unending Invasion", "A Fate Worse than Death" both located around 55,87. Turn these in and get the "Potential Energy Source" quest.
Head west to Manaforge Coruu to complete "Potential Energy Source".
Head north east to Sunfury Hold at 56,80 to do "Torching Sunfury Hold" and "The Sunfury Garrison".
Head east a little from there to the northern edge of the village to find Bessy at 59,78. While this is a 2 person quest you should be able to escort her back to the tower if you clear a some of the MOBs before activating the quest.
Once in town turn in the quests from Sunfury for the follow ups "Down With Daellis" (which can be left for later) and "Building a Perimeter".
Head into the ghost filled village east of the tower to complete "Indispensable Tools".
At any time while adventuring in the village you should head to the locations required for "Building a Perimeter", they are: 60,85; 57,82; 54,85.

Also while in the village you must find and kill 4 named ghosts to get 4 different quest items. It is best to finish these quests as soon as possible because it opens up another quest when done.

Named MOB
Quest Turned in At
Battle-Mage Dathric
Conjurer Luminwrath
Cohlien Frostweaver
Abjurist Belmara

When you finish all four of these quests you gain access to another quest from the NPC's at the tower called "Malevolent Remnants".

Also while in the village find the pieces to complete "Krasus's Compendium", they can be found in the houses at 58,89; 58,87; and 57,89. Turn it in for "Unlocking the Compendium".

Right beside the tower and just west of the village is a great grinding spot, where you can grind the mana elementals to gain experience, gold, and motes of mana for professions. The village itself is also a great grinding spot that yields large amounts of gold, loot and cloth. This is a favorite spot for may people who prefer to grind than to quest.

Turn in your other quests and get "Master Smith Rhonsus"
Go into the village to complete the "Malevolent Remnants" chain by working through the following quests: "The Annals of Kirin'Var" (60,87), "Searching for Evidence" (60,78), "A Lingering Suspicion", "Capturing the Phylactery" (Middle Outhouse at 59,80) and get "Destroy Naberius!".
Head to the smiths house at 60,85 to finish "Master Smith Rhonsus" and then continue north to the chapel at 62,79 for "Destroy Naberius!".
Go to Sunfury Hold one last time to complete "Unlocking the Compendium". Get the next step "Summoner Kanthin's Prize" and then head north east to Manaforge Duro to complete it and "Down with Daellis".
The next step in the Staff chain has you got to defeat "Ar'kelos the Guardian" back in the tower at Kirin'var Village, which gives you a chance to turn in the Daellis quest.
Once defeated heat to the top of the tower to speak to Vargoth and get the next part of the quest, "Finding the Keymaster".
You can find Apex near 51,69 and while difficult can be soloed. Turn this back in for "Capturing the Keystone" back at the tower.
You are now ready to head to the Eco-Dome Midrealm and Mid-Realm Post to complete some quests for the Consortium and some back stabbing goblins. The Post can be found at 46,56.

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