Hellfire Peninsula Leveling Guide

Welcome to Zangarmarsh! This section of our guide will take you through most of Zangarmarsh ending with you somewhere past level 64. I started the Hellfire Peninsula guide and with one instance run I was at 73 when I started Zangarmarsh and ended up halfway through 74 when I left. Your mileage may vary, but you should be about halfway done with Outlands (if you’re planning on leaving at 78)

when you’re done with this section. Before you begin go to the Auction House and purchase six Bog Lord Tendrils.


Flying Mounts

At level sixty you can train the expert riding skill and purchase a mount for 650 gold or less. You’ll gain a 10% discount for being Honored with Honor Hold/Thrallmar (which you should be by now) making your total cost 585 gold. If you’ve been farming resources and doing quests then this shouldn’t be a problem now. I would highly recommend purchasing a flying mount once you get to Zangarmarsh if you haven’t already. This guide will make extensive use of them, but won’t exclude anyone who hasn’t purchased one by now.

You can learn the skill in either Honor Hold or Thrallmar and purchase your mount at the same time. If you’re a Death Knight then you’ll probably have to wait awhile until you can afford a flying mount unless you have a main character who can quickly farm the gold up for you.

Cenarion Expedition and Swamprat Post

Enter Zangarmarsh from the western side of Hellfire Peninsula. You’ll walk right into the Cenarion Refuge. You’ll have a single quest to turn in here called The Cenarion Expedition. After you turn that quest in go ahead and pick up all of the available quests (Plants of Zangarmarsh, The Umbrafen Tribe, Leader of the Darkcrest, Leader of the Bloodscale, A Warm Welcome, Disturbance at Umbrafen Lake, and The Dying Balance).

Next go to Swamprat Post and get the flight point. It’s located north at (85,54). Turn in Report to Zurai and accept (Report To Shadow Hunter Denjai, Thick Hydra Scales, News from Zangarmarsh, There’s No Explanation for Fashion, ‘No More Mushrooms!’, and Menacing Marshfangs)

That is a lot of quests, but they’re all done in a very small area so you will not have to walk too far. The first quest you’ll want to do is Menacing Marshfangs.

Just walk north of Swamprat Post to (85,50) and you’ll find a ton of Marshfang Rippers. You’ll need to kill ten of them. They are all around the eastern part of the zone so if you want to leave at 8 or 9 that’ll be alright.

Next go do the group quest to kill Boglash who is located at (82,78). He’s very easy and doesn’t require a group.

While in the area you’re going to want to head to (83,85) and pick up a very easy escort quest on the way that ties in with The Umbrafen Tribe. Kayra will walk out and follow the road north. There will be a couple of scripted attack by your sword or magic will make quick work of any aggressors and Kayra herself is a beast. She’ll easily tank one while you work on another. When she’s near the town you can turn around and head back to finish The Umbrafen Tribe.

Start with the named who is located at (83,85) and look for a large tower. It’s the tallest hut in the area. Mount your flying mount and fly to the top floor (or walk through the entrance at the bottom if you want to fight your way to him). Land and make quick work of Kataru.

Now kill 8 Umbrafen Seers, 6 Umbrafen Oracles, and 6 Umbrafen Witchdoctors. Witchdoctors hang out in the tower Kataru is in so if you have a problem with then you’ll know where to look. Now head to (65,68).

I would personally recommend just flying to (65,68) and landing a little bit in front of the elite in the water. This elite is very difficult, but classes such as the Paladin, Druid, and Hunter can easily take him. He does a knockback so clear around and try to put your back up against the wall as you fight him (unless your pet is fighting him then it doesn’t matter). He’ll shred most cloth casters apart in a few hits, but still give him a try. It’s a short walk back and you can skip both of the Leader of _____ quests if you need to.

The nearby naga drop Naga Claws (which you’ll need 30 of) for A Warm Welcome, but you’ll be meeting more of them later and as you do the next couple of quests.

You’re going to want to loop around Umbrafen Lake (stopping at (72,58) to do Disturbance at Umbrafen which just requires you to walk near the steampump) killing Hydras and Eels.

Finish any naga in your way too for their claws. You’re also going to want to look out for Umbraglow Stingers (there is a good camp at (72,58) that I found) for 8 Diaphanous Wings.

After you’ve gained 8 Eel Meat and 12 Hydra Scales you’re going to want to try the other naga elite. Raji is at (64,41) and is a caster. Like before clear around her because she’ll easily call anyone near her. Casters will have an easier time with her because she does a ranged Ice Bolt while melee will have to be careful when she uses her Circle of Freezing. Move when you see the runes on the ground. When she’s almost dead she’ll run away so just chase her and take her down.

At this point if you don’t have 30 Naga Claws you can farm them up here, even if you can’t kill Raji.

At this point your entire quest log should be complete. Head back to the Refuge and pick up the following new quests (as you turn quests in you’ll gain enough reputation to see newer quests). Pick up As the Crow Flies and turn it immediately in after you finish it (use the amulet given to you in your inventory). Now pick up Balance Must be Preserved, Saving the Sporeloks, Blessing of the Ancients (complete that one now by talking to the two large tree guys), Safeguarding the Watchers, Watcher Leesa’oh, and What’s Wrong at Cenarion Thicket.

Then go to Swamprat Post and pick up A Job Undone, Nothin’ Says Lovin’ Like a Big Stinger, and Searching for Scout Jyoba.

From here fly or walk to (70,80) and use a seed on the steam pump controls here.


Move on to the cave at (77,92) and kill 10 Marsh Dredgers and 10 Marsh Lurkers for Saving the Sporeloks. Go inside the cave and you’ll find more grassy critters for you to slay. Follow the right wall and continue right at the fork to get the belongings. Lord Klaq is at the very bottom (you can just jump down). By the time you work your way up you’ll be done.

Now, let’s go get the rest of the controls. Serpent Lake is at (62,41) and the Lagoon is at (63,64). The last one, Marshlight, has two objectives on the way.


Go to (49,59) and look for Blacksting. Kill him and get his stinger. Then go to (32,50) and get the FP to Zabra’jin. Then go to the Marshlight steam pump at (25,43). Now either fly back (harvesting ore/herbs on the way back) or take a flight back to Swamprat. Go and turn in all of your quests and you’re done with these two cities, except for Joyba’s report. Return to Zabra’jin and get the following quests after turning in “Report to Shadow Hunter Denjai”.

Now pick up Spirits of Feralfen, Stinging the Stingers, Wanted: Boss Grog'ak, Angling to Beat the Competition, Burstcap Mushrooms, Mon!, and Wanted: Chieftain Mummaki.

Outside of the city you’ll find Burstcap Mushrooms. Start looting them everytime you see them and walk to (25,52) to kill Marshlight Bleeders for Stinging the Stingers. Work your way around until you have them defeated and then go to (22,66) and turn in Watcher Lees’oh and pick up Observing the Sporelings.

When you have enough go to 19,62 to get The Sporelings’ Plight and Natural Enemies.

Go to (15,60) to finish Observing the Sporelings by simply walking to this spot. Loot Mature  Spore Sacs until you have 10 and kill Bog Lords for 6 Tendrils (they also drop the report). You can buy the Tendrils on the AH saving you a TON of time and just skip getting the report. That's what I advise.

Turn in both quests back at Fahssn. He gives repeatable rep quests from here but, I personally don't think you need Sporegor reputation anymore or even bother with their city for the XP.

Return to the watcher at her camp and get A Question of Gluttony. Go to 28,60 and loot Discarded Nutrients off the ground until you have 10. Return to the watcher and get Familiar Fungi.

Now,  go to (42,61) and get 10 totems for Spirits of Feralfen. This quest has a really bad drop rate so you'll be grinding here awhile. After you’ve rocked Fearlfen Village you can head to (34,34) and try your hand at killing Boss Grog’ak and farming mushrooms off of the nearby ogres. Head east to the middle of Serpent Lake and kill Fenclaw Thrashers until Angling to Beat the Competition is done.

Now head back to the Outpost and Zabra’jin and turn in your quests. You should have a few news ones. Let’s not pick up Stealing Back the Mushrooms or Us or Them when offered. Get A Spirit Ally?, Impending Attack, Message to the Daggerfin, The Biggest Of Them All, Have You Ever Seen One of These, Pursuing Terrorclaw.

Terrorclaw is at (22,46) and Mragesh is at (42,40). Once you have those out of the way head back down to Feralfen Village and use the totem given to you at the base of the stairs (44,66) for A Spirit Ally? Kill the snake that spawns.

Head to (19,27) and get the attack plans on the ground and then to (26,22) to use the quest item. Kill Mummaki at (24,26) for his wanted poster.

Turn in these quests and you’ll now be done with Zangarmarsh. You can do the follow-ups left if you wish, but that time may be better spent training and getting your skills in order. When I was done here I found myself around level 64 which is a great level to head back and train and that was starting Hellfire at 58.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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