Betraying Kelethin

Guide by: Savanja


Kelethin is a beautiful treetop wonderland, but if you decide that this city isn't for you, it is a simple series of quests to get a fresh start in another city.

You may begin the betrayal process at level 10, and once free of your city ties, you can choose any of the other cities to take up residence. We'll let you know how to get started on that part of the process at the end of this guide.

To begin your journey, you need to speak with Saelir Varryn (loc 218, 112, 400), found just south of Jysolin's Pub.

Saelir's Plan: Necessary Components - This is the first quest in the series. You need to gather various components for Saelir. The red and yellow-blood mushrooms spawn together between two big mushrooms (loc 80, -4, 67) south of the old Kelethin Acorn Lift. Purple berries are purchased for 5c from the provisioner in Joleena's Restaurant, found in west Kelethin. Redmace seeds are found near the horse merchant and Registrar's house (loc 570, 45, 79) on the Green Knoll. Return to Saelir.

Saelir's Plans: Stealing the Declarations - You need to steal these papers from the Royal Court. A very easy task. Just head on over to the Royal Court and search for the Declarations in the bookshelves and cabinets. From what I can tell, it spawns randomly in one of them. I found mine upstairs on a shelf, others have found them in other locations within the Court.

Saelir's Plans: The Sul Spheres - Collect the Sul Spheres. Greenlight's Sul Sphere (342, 128, 288) is inside the Protectors of Growth Warrior Guild, upstairs and on a shelf. Hiraen Aravirta's Sul Phere is in a box next to Scribe Eljas Araverta (315, 109, 115), found next to the crafting house. Jyoril Maarson's Sul Sphere (loc 537, 71, 297) is in Joleena's Restaurant, in the room to the side on a chair inside a backpack. Maayiri Ellia's Sul Sphere (loc 103, 95, 494) is on the 2nd floor of the House of Falling Stars, found near the Granite Hills Acorn lift.

Following Through - This is the last quest in the betrayal series, so it makes sure that you wish to continue. Don't proceed if you are not sure! You need to enter Sammial's room, found in the Aerie Kolmas housing in the southeastern area of Kelethin. When you right click on the door you'll be given the option to go to Sammial Geravius's House. Once inside, follow the directions from your quest journal. Everything you need is in that room and will include the machine, the table, and the bowl on the table. Once you have completed your task and go to the leave the room, the guards will stop you and toss you out of the city and into Haven.

Now that you are an exile, you can start gaining faction for the new city of your choice.

Going to Qeynos, speak with Gil McMartin (loc -924, -47, +13) in the Commonlands. You can find him on the path towards the West Freeport entrance.

Going to Freeport, speak with Gol M'Tun (loc -29, -14, -55) in Antonica, found near the tree aside the path that leads into North Qeynos.

Going to Neriak, speak with Phaerdriira Z'Zea"Val (loc -400, -49, -9) in Darklight Woods, just before the bridge that leads to Neriak.


Congrats on completing your betrayal. Much luck and happiness in your new home, whichever it may be!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016