Kerran Racial Quests


When you first step off the boat into Qeynos, they stick you in Nettleville Hovel. It isn't totally a loss, it's actually fairly pretty if you like that whole goodie goodie thing they have going on there, and clearly since you're in Qeynos, you do.

Talk to Lakosha Maera. She's your mentor and will guide you through your training in the ways of being a giant kitty cat. * hides the catnip *

Quest One

Your first quest is to run about Nettleville Hovel and collect some of the earth in order to introduce yourself to the city and become at home. You gather this from three places. Next to the tree at the western end of Market Row, the tree next to the entrance to the Peat Bog, and by the gates to Qeynos. Reward: Approximately 1s 20c.

Once you have done this, return to Lakosha and finish the ritual. She notices that there's something wrong with the earth you've collected.

Quest Two

You are now instructed to go to Spiritist Laharn Rahai. He is behind the armour shop in the Northwest. He sends you to talk to Apprentice Gunta in the scribe shop. She won't help you and sends you back to Laharn.

Quest Three

In order to perform the tests, Laharn needs you to collect some things for him. Two of them you must buy from merchants in the scribe shop and the tailor just outside. The third is mushrooms you must collect from by the Mariner's Bell. Do this and return to Laharn. He sends you back to Lakosha. Reward: Approximately 2s 24c, Listuh bag, and a selkie mushroom to put in your home.

Quest Four

She sends you back to the three places where you first collected earth to find out where and who is performing the naughty ritual. Talk to Ralkesh Orto when you find the place he's been doing the voodoo thing. You get attacked by a cute little ghost kitty. Kill it and then talk to Ralkesh again. He is a little choked up, but manages to tell you that he got the tainted earth from the Peat Bog. Reward: Approximately 1s 10c

Return to Lakosha and let her know what's happened.

Quest Five

Meet up and talk to Botanist Lith in the Peat Bog.


Ahh... Freeport. City of mystery, of enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of the River Jordan on sale today! Sorry, wrong movie!

Step off the boat into Stonestair Byway. It's clear that the Overlord doesn't share my positive views of the Kerrans, because he stuck them with those nasty meanie butts the Erudites. That's okay though... you'll show them all!

Talk to Batarra.

Quest One

Batarra sends you to collect some dust from Kerran stones around Stonestair Byway. These can be found just outstide the area of the docks, by the North Freeport gate, and by the gate to the Graveyard. After you've done this, return to Batarra and she has you take a little swim. Dive under the water just off the docks and talk to her again. Reward: Approximately 1s 15c.

Quest Two

Batarra sends you to talk to Nashii and learn a bit about Kerran culture. She is located in the first bottom floor home on the left out of the docks. Read this information. There's a test. Answer the questions correctly, when you talk to Batarra. Reward: Approximately 1s 15c and a nifty lamp for your home.

Quest Three

Seek out Miala in The Hole. This is the tavern off the square where the Fountain is located. She tells you a bit about the Erudites spying on the pretty kitties and sends you off to talk to Armsdealer Melai. He has a very sad story to tell you. Listen up and then head over to Bowyer Thindel just outside of his shop. Thindel tells you that there are Erudites hiding out in the upstairs apartment just to the left after you leave the docks and plotting against the Kerrans. Go spy on them.

Return to Batarra and tell her everything you've found. Reward: Approximately 1s and choice of items.

Quest Four

Go back to listen in some more and kill one of the spies. He attacks you when you reach your listening spot, so don't worry about how to get one of them alone. Reward: Approximately 1s and a nifty ring.

Batarra now sends you along to the Graveyard to seek out the Custodian and continue your training.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016