Khopshef Province Quest Guide


The land of Stygia is a desert wonderland sprinkled with many a tempting and lush oasis to keep us wondering what other secrets she might hold. Khopshef Province is the zone of promise for those who have recently found themselves in Stygia. For those who have just come home from Tortage to those who have traveled in from distant lands, there will surely be an adventure for you here.

The quests in this zone range from 20 and will take you all the way to 30ish. Quests are generally the quickest way to gain those levels and one of the better ways of earning coin and gear so they are worth doing even if you happen to be the type of player that enjoys a good grind session.

Try as I might, I may not catch all of the quests in this zone. If you happen to stumble upon one that is not listed here, please let me know and I'll get it added!


Starting NPC
Quest Details
A Plea For Prophecy
Speak with Iti found near the pyramids. She will send you to ask the Oracle a riddle which ends up
more or less to be just to mess with people. You get some xp for your hard work and you've discovered a new area for quests!
A Question of Conscience
Steal the pink healing salt from the slaves. At the marked position, you need to kill the mobs
around the tent. One will drop the pink salt.
Desert Raiders
Gather the stolen crates from the raider camps. You'll find a few in the first camp, but you'll need to head up the
hill to the next camp for the rest.
Ending the Threat
This continues another quest that leads you to Semira. You are to kill Sektep and
take his head to Semira. The burning black piles will spawn mobs as you get close to them, so be sure to get those
first before you run in to Sektep.
Collect Elder Mantis scales. The mantis roam to the south/southwest of the village, you'll find the elder variety amongst them.
Forbidden Knowledge
Mencar the Apprentice
Head back into Pashtun and retrieve the writings of the Lich called "The Crumbling Codex".
Be mindful of the mobs that spawn out of the black clouds.
Forgotten Temple, The
Destroy the statue of Set all the way on the southern bit of the zone. Just click on the
statue and use your attacks on it.
Ill Will and Last Meal
Dying Bandit
Nab a meal for the dying bandit from the camp (they are on a carpet to the side in front of the cook) and kill
the cook and take his head. The dying bandit will then send you back for some jewels that are found near the same camp. These
are all yours to keep and are your reward!
Life and Death
Mencar the Apprentice
Gather undead essence from the undead of Pashtun, found to the north.
Path to Enlightenment, The
Kill Stygian rogues. These are the Black Pass guys. Just follow the path through the path
and have your way with them in their own camp.
Poisoned Arrows
Hunt vultures for their feathers and scorpions for their poison sacs. Both are found in the general area.
Vultures are a bit more scattered about and the scorpions are mostly found up the hillside.
Profit and Loss
Collect the wicker panniers and return them. These things look like little bales of hay on the ground. Easy to find
but don't get eaten by the lions!
Sneaking Suspicions
Check out the pyramid. Just head up the stairs and around the front. There will be mobs there
waiting for you. Kill them and move in a bit more, there is a dead body on the ground that's about where you'll get your update.
Spider Queen, The
Kill the Spider Queen and bring back her venom sac. Her minions will attack you as well so watch
out for those.
Stygian Superstition
Check out the beast. This guy is under the water so when you get to the point you'll need to
do a little diving to find what you are looking for. Turns out it is just a statue. Whoops.
Venomous South, The
Speak with Cthhraki, one of the mantis. He'll tell you of a beast that likely lead the attack and where
to find him. Kill the flippin big scorpion and return to Ptah to clear up the whole mess.
Yipping Hyenas
Caravan Master Tamin
Collect tongues from the spotted hyenas. These spawn with the brown and the striped
and can be hard to come by if others are doing the quest. Group up with others if they are killing these to save time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016