The Mad Alchemist Singed is a not a hero for every player. You do
lackluster damage for the most part. You have no way to force people to
target you, and your ultimate won’t win any team fights single handedly
like some others will. Your goals as Singed are quite simple—disrupt
the enemy squishies and throw them into your team.

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style="font-style: italic;">Singed should get a bonus for
running into people with that shield, but alas, we'll have to make do
with his already amazing skillset.


Passive : Empowered
Bulwark – For every 10 max mana Singed has, he gains 2.5 max HP.

    This alone will make Singed a
frustrating target for most heroes. Singed players love two items as a
result of this passive: Rods of Ages and Banshee’s Veil. Each one of
these already gives a powerful health boost, but also gives Singed
another large chunk through their large mana contribution. You should
still never build items that give mana and nothing else, such as the
Tears of the Goddess. You get some defensive stats out of it, but not
nearly enough to warrant the cost.

Poison Trail : Singed
leaks poison behind him as he moves. This can be toggled on and off,
and costs 10 mana per second when active.

    Singed is an exceptional endurance
fighter. Your poison clouds from this skill will hang around for a few
seconds, and anyone who steps in will take at least 3 ticks of poison
damage even if they step out immediately.  This skill makes
you impossible to chase for the majority of the game, as the poison
will quickly even the  odds and you may be able to turn around
for a quick Fling for the kill, or just drop Mega Adhesive to make them
suffer further in the poison you leave behind.

    Resist the urge to use this ability to
farm early on. Your ability power is too low to effectively wipe out
the whole wave without your melee attacks, and you will push much
harder and faster than you should, leaving you open to ganks from the
sides and jungle. Singed is a powerful runner, but if someone else is
with you, you may have to scramble to keep them alive as a result of
your unwarranted aggression.

Mega Adhesive : Singled
hurls a pile of goo at a location, slowing units in a wide area of
effect drastically for 5 seconds, or until they are off the affected
area for a second. 35/45/55/65/75% slow.

    The most powerful slow in the game is
also one of the most difficult to use effectively. Mega Adhesive is a
defensive and offensive tool, but the placement can be used in many
ways. You always want to lead your targets with it, as the goo has a
slight travel time. Since smart players expect the goo the moment they
see you stop, you may have to predict this and aim accordingly to snare
the occasional smart ass who thinks he can get away from Singed.

    Remember you can use this to save allies
and deny large areas of a team fight. No sane man will willingly run
into Mega Adhesive with the enemy team also nearby, so you can use this
in conjunction with your allies to set up the enemy team for a cluster
of AoE ultimates and wipe them out horribly by denying them a part of
the lane.

    This effect can be very difficult to see
when aimed at the edge of grass. Time it right and it will be far too
late for any who enter!

Fling : Singed hurls an
enemy directly behind him, dealing 100/150/200/250/300 damage.

Has a 1.0 ability power coefficient, so it scales well with mage items.

    Fling is your bread and butter for
dealing large amounts of damage. It has a low cooldown for an ability
that can force people to move, so you will be going for this very often
in team battles. Any time you can throw someone, and your team is
nearby and paying attention, that guy will likely be dead in a second.

    Aiming Fling can be very difficult, so
spend some time getting used to the odd angles and short range to make
the most out of it.  A botched Fling can save an enemy or doom
an ally!

Ultimate – Insanity
Potion - Singed chugs a potent brew and gains vastly increased stats
for a short time. This includes attack, ability power, movement, and

    This is your “get serious” move. You
need to hit this when you want to catch people, expect to take a lot of
damage, need to escape, need to bulldoze a tower, are being focused,
etc. Singed is incredibly frustrating to catch in this mode, and
incredibly frustrating to escape. Use your improved movement speed to
fling people faster, and land those slows in better positions than you
would have been able to before. When the going gets tough, press R!

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Note that in this picture, Singed
is approaching Ashe.   This is good.  This means that
frail archer is about to get spinning pile drivered into a tower or his

Core Items

Rod of Ages – Gives Singed a massive
boost in health, mana,
health from mana due to his passive, and increases the potency of his
toss and
poison. You cannot go wrong with more of these.

Banshee’s Veil – Gives Singed a great
resistance to magic
and additional health due to his passive compared to anyone else who
buys it.

Force of Nature – Singed will
inevitably end up with a ton
of HP, and this will give you a lot of regeneration as a result since
percentage based.

Randuin’s Omen – You are likely going
to be the first one in
the middle of them all. Why not give yourself something that can slow
them down
and set up your skills and your team’s skills?

Situational Item

Shurelia’s Reverie – Can be used to
give you a sudden surge
of speed to get that Fling in before it’s too late. Somewhat lackluster
stats otherwise for what Singed is looking for


Magic Penetration reds, Dodge or
Mana/5 yellows, and magic
resist or Mana/5 blues suit Singed best. Singed will be casting a lot
of stuff
as combat goes on, and he needs the mana regen to hang in there long
enough to
whittle them down with poisons and random Flings


9/21/0 is the most common Singed build. You’ll be dealing a lot of
magical damage so you pick up the spell penetration offensive mastery,
and then take the defensive tools of choice. Strength of Spirit is
powerful on Singed in conjunction with his passive giving him a reason
to build mana early.

Summoner Spells

Singed benefits from anything that enables him to throw people
faster.  As such, Ghost and Flash will give you the throwing
power you desire, especially early on if you’re getting pushed. You can
Flash next to an enemy hero and introduce them to your tower for a free
kill early on.


Singed is a powerful hero that fulfills the role of offensive tank and
initiator. Singed cannot force anyone to attack him, but he is one of
the best heroes in the game at forcing an engagement and taking people
out of the fight. Building him defensively enables you to leak poison
all over the battlefield as you pursue and avoid pursuit
yourself.  His best kept secret is his all powerful /laugh
command. Use it constantly to bring your opponents to their knees!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016