In the world of tanks in League of Legends, some prevent damage, some prevent targeting, and some prevent people from getting into or out of the fight to begin with. That's the role of Singed, the Mad Alchemist. Running around like a madman, he hurls both debilitating slows and his enemies themselves, suplexing them behind him and into positions they probably don't want to be in. We cover all of the ins and outs of his complicated play style in our League of Legends Hero Guide- Singed!

The most powerful slow in the game is also one of the most difficult to use effectively. Mega Adhesive is a defensive and offensive tool, but the placement can be used in many ways. You always want to lead your targets with it, as the goo has a slight travel time. Since smart players expect the goo the moment they see you stop, you may have to predict this and aim accordingly to snare the occasional smart ass who thinks he can get away from Singed (hint - he can't)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016