Lord Ahune is the seasonal boss associated with the Midsummer Fire Festival in World of Warcraft. He is the result of the Twilight Hammer’s attempt to summon an elemental lord in order to bring about the end of summer and a war with the elementals. Players need to head into the Slave Pens and defeat the boss before he can succeed, while obtaining some of the amazing rewards that drop from him each year.

The encounter was introduced in the 2008 Midsummer Fire Festival as a boss residing in the Slave Pens, a mid-level instance in Zangarmarsh. In 2009 the boss was updated with achievements, but was not updated with any new loot for level 80s. In 2010 the encounter received a revamp with new loot and was integrated into the Dungeon Finder.

In Cataclysm, the ilvl of his loot was increased, the Scythe was turned into a non-item (its stats are horrible), and he's about the same as always.

Challenging Lord Ahune

The Dungeon Finder is the tool to use to summon Ahune

In previous years you would follow a breadcrumb quest that would take you to the Slave Pens where you’d have the ability to summon Lord Ahune once per day. This meant that a group of five players would have five summons and could do the encounter five times in a row. In 2010 the encounter was changed drastically. You now use the dungeon finder in order to fight Lord Ahune and he is only summoned once per instance, however, you can fight him as many times as you wish in a day. You only are awarded the bulk of the loot once per day, though.

Fighting Lord Ahune

Lord Ahune is a very simple encounter that should pose no difficulty to any group of players who are geared properly for heroics, much less raiding. You’ll start at the entrance to the Slave Pens where you’ll find Skar’this the Summoner standing in front of an ‘Ice Stone.’ Buff up and kill him, he goes down in no time, and then use the ‘Ice Stone’ to summon Lord Ahune.

The fight is broken down into two phases. A survival phase and then a DPS phase. In the first phase he will have no threat table and getting into melee range will do a massive amount of damage to you and knock you back. Various patches of ice on the floor will knock you down if you walk over them while spikes will come out of the ground and knock you into the air. Adds will spawn during this phase that need to be tanked and DPS’d down, but they’re relatively easy. You simply have to survive until phase two begins.

When phase two starts forget the adds and everything and move straight to Lord Ahune. He’ll be vulnerable to damage and you’ll be able to DPS him down. If you DPS him down fast enough then the encounter will end and the loot chest will spawn. If you fail to be quick enough then phase one will repeat and you’ll get a second chance to take him out.

Once defeated the Satchel of Chilled Goods will be awarded to players who qualify for it and a chest will spawn with one of five cloaks.


Lord Ahune’s loot table is very small. He has five cloaks, one of which will drop out of the chest (currently ilvl 232) in addition to a Satchel of Chilled Goods for the first time you fight him each day. The Satchel contains 2 Frost Emblems and has a chance at awarding either the pet or the scythe.

That’s all there is to Lord Ahune! If you’re having difficulty fighting him or any problems come by our community forums where we’ll be more than glad to help answer any questions.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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