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the charge

Guardians in the Ettenmoors are in a rather unique position.
They are powerful enough to be a real threat to any creep
(monster player) in a one-on-one fight, and they are often unkillable
juggernauts when mixed in with a big freep (free people) raid... but
they are generally ignored in favor of the squishier "glass cannon"
targets. Warg Stalkers avoid Guardians because their powerful
Pounce attacks can be turned against them with Turn the Tables.
Black Arrows will occasionally harass Guardians from a
but usually reserve their really rotten stuff for targets they actually
stand a chance of killing or severely hampering with damage-over-time
attacks. Weavers may throw a web and a poison
attack or two, but they also have a marked favoritism towards squishier
targets. Orc Reavers pose something of a threat, with their
and brutal melee attacks... but again, they, like most creeps,
generally prefer the softer targets. In essence, Guardians have carte
blanche in the 'Moors. At least at the start; once a Guardian
starts earning Reknown and his name becomes known among the regular
creeps, he'll be targeted just as often as the Hunters and Minstrels
and Runekeepers and Lore-masters.

Combat in the Ettenmoors
usually involves a lot of movement - running circles around the
opponent, getting behind to break line-of-sight during inductions,
presenting a difficult target to hit. Guardians have no induction
combat skills, so this does not present a problem. The real
problem is figuring out how to use skills while keeping moving.
Once that aspect is mastered, the Guardian is a dueling
machine. And since movement makes a potential target even
tougher to hit, Brutal Charge makes for some entertaining skirmishes:
the Guardian barrels full-tilt into the creep raid, throwing out a few
area-effect melee attacks to knock any skulking wargs out of stealth,
and the rest of the freep raid advances cautiously behind him.
The speedy Guardian tears past the reavers, too quickly for
them to land a blow, causes a burst of havoc and mayhem, and then pulls
back to protect the squishy healers.

generation is not an issue in PvMP. Monster players do not
scripted AI routines and may freely select whatever targets they want,
rather than being drawn to whichever target has the highest threat
ranking. The 'Moors Guardian is no longer really a tank in
same sense as the PvE Guardian, though he can still play a defensive
role. Shield-Wall and Protection can be applied to
vulnerable characters, and creeps can sometimes be shaken off an
embattled healer or other squishy by a coordinated, focused attack.
 Sometimes, but not always; if there is a good chance the
will score Infamy points from an easy kill, a lot of them don't mind
taking one for the team and sacrificing themselves to get it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016