Guide to Dwarves

Like a can of Red Bull, Dwarves are short, powerful, and taste bad (don't ask). What sets this race apart from all the others in Middle-earth? Ten Ton Hammer has your complete guide to all things Dwarven, explaining what classes they can play, what deeds can be accomplished, and what traits are available.

Dwarves can be excellent warriors displaying unique toughness in battle and the ability to craft great things. The stout Dwarves of Middle-Earth are known for their steadfast determination, hearty strength, and commitment to all things found in the world's deep places. Living a secretive life in their homes beneath the great mountains, Dwarves are expert miners and workers of stone and metal. They stand on average four-and-a-half to five feet high, and live long lives, ocassionally reaching an age of 250 years.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016