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Ost Forod is a loosely formed trading post established in the ruins of
this once great stronghold. The population is at the mercy of brigands
and goblins of the surrounding lands. The local inhabitants are willing
to hire outside help to deal with their many problems. Martuk's new
guide will take you through each of the quests available within Ost

Ost Forod lies in the northern reaches of Evendim
northeast of
Tinnudir. This city was established as a trading post for the local
inhabitants who converted the once great ruins into what it is today.
This loosely assembled outpost is subject to the influence of brigands
and thieves who operate out of it. The locals are more than willing to
hire outside help to deal with not only the brigands, but the goblin
and warg menace that lurks outside the walls of Ost Forod.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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