The Ultimate LOTRO Newbie Guide

Whether it's your dad, your girlfriend, or your non-gamer buddy from work, everyone knows someone that's tried to get into an MMO and failed because it's "just too complicated." It's been a while since I've seen a guide designed with the real newbie in mind (not just the WoW refugee), so I'd like to unveil our latest effort: a new guide for those people, to teach them the basics from the ground up.

here are any number of guides out there that discuss LoTRO's many systems: crafting, music, classes, kinships, etc etc. However, all too often these guides require you to have a basic understanding of MMO mechanics and conventions carried over from some other title. While many of us have been playing these games for years, it's important to remember that some people's first MMO might very well be Lord of the Rings Online, especially given the unique appeal of the Middle Earth license. I'm writing this guide to help those people (or any other newbie, really) have a fun and engaging experience and not get frustrated by the complexity of an online game right off the bat.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016