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Death Rifts originate from the Plane of Death and is home to Regulos the Destroyer, most powerful of the six ancient Dragon Gods. It is through Regulos’s power that the very spirits and bodies of the dead become reanimated and live on in a form of perpetual undeath. When a Death Rift opens the undead are only too eager to rush through into the land of the living to try to find new victims to join them in the Plane of Death.

When a Rift opens from the Plane of Death you will be able to tell as everything around it starts to wither and die and the power of Death pours into Telara. Overhear you will see dark tentacles hanging in the air, seeming to reach out trying to destroy everything around them. The ground will be black and desolate as all life dies around the rift. Obsidian organic-like spires erupt from the ground to mark Death’s prominence in the area.

Death Rift Locations

Death Rifts can be found in almost every zone in the game as Regulos tries to force his way back into the world of Telara to devour it. This means you will find Death Rifts in the zones of Freemarch, Gloamwood, Iron Pine Peak, Scarwood Reach, Stillmoor, Scarlet Gorge, Stonefield, and the Moonshade Highlands.

Death Rifts

Death Rifts opening in the Scarwood Reach


Some of the various Death Rift creatures

There are many different inhabitants in the Plane of Death and that will be found around a Death Rift. Of course there are the obvious ones as you will find spirits, zombies, skeletons, elemental shades, and necromancers nearby in great numbers. The forces from the Plane of Death glow with an eerie purple shimmer as the aura of death surrounds them.

However you can also expect to find many other dark forces that serve Regulos. These include the Vampires of the Endless Court, Werewolves, hellhounds and many more. Some of the more disgusting examples are the giant tick like insects that infest the ground near some of the Death Rifts.

Usable Spawned Objects

Items that you must activate to progress in a Death Rift

When fighting near a Death Rift you will occasionally see additional items spawn on the ground that can be clicked to activate. These items can appear in different forms and have different effects on you, the Rift enemies, or the environment itself. Watch for them as they can be beneficial or even critical to completing the Rift.

Just some of the items to watch for are grave stones in some Rifts that can be clicked to summon allies that will fight with you against the invading Rift creatures. In other rifts, the werewolf based ones, there are monuments that look like large gravestones that when activated bring holy light to the area. This transforms any invaders near the monument and allows you to progress through the stages of the Rift.


While defeating Death Rifts you will earn notoriety with either the Order of the Death Serpent if you are a Guardian or with the Grim Disciples if you are a Defiant player. Roter is the quartermaster for the Order of the Death Serpent and can be round in Sanctum, while Jorostir Kios is the quartermaster for the Grim Disciples and can be found in Meridian.

Physical DPS players should focus on this faction and start earning notoriety early with them for once they reach level 50. This faction has a level 50 planar essences for sale once you are decorated with them that grants +Hit which is a key physical DPS stat.

[protip]By being involved with Rifts throughout your time leveling a character you can get to level 50 with a significant amount of notoriety with Rift related quartermasters already. This makes focusing on the ones most benifitial to you easier once you are at max level as you are likely to be half way there! Better yet, if you know the notoriety that best suits you, you can go a little out of your way while leveling to hit any Rift that spawns in the zone you are leveling in and ignore those that will not help you.[/protip]

Death Rift Zone Events

Each zone in which Death Rifts rip through into Telera has a unique set of events that can start that opens up even more Rifts to the Plane of Death. These encounters or events are different from zone to zone and are based on the zone's level of difficulty. This means that you should expect zone events for lower level players in Gloamwood, and high level players in Stillmoor for example.

The culmination of each zone event is the defeat of a boss that will complete the event and earn you an achievement. The bosses and achievements are as follows, listed as the boss name and then the achievement you earn.

  • Freemarch - Grimnir (Razing the Dead), Claw of Regulos (Declawed)
  • Gloamwood - Colossal Werebeast (Silver Bullet), Moirna (Eclipsing the Twilight)
  • Iron Pine Peak - Aristult (Frozen Crypt), Iktharn Coldsteel (Coldsteel of Death)
  • Scarlet Gorge - Thangula (Dead Thang), Zombies (Unclean Masses)
  • Scarwood Reach - Fleshborn Terror (Twins of Terror), Terrovex (Vexing the Terror),
  • Stillmoor - Darian Targeth (Targeth is Dead), Hrologaroth (Tenderized)
  • Stonefield - Vairen Maelwisp (Ghost Busted)
  • Moonshade Highlands - Agrona (Fairytale Ending), Conchobhar (Bone Rattled)
A death Rift Achievement

Some of the achievements for defeating Death Rift invasion bosses.

Artifact Collections

There are five different sets of artifacts that drop from Death Rifts. They are as follows:

  • Shade Herald Artifacts
  • Shade Vanguard Herald Artifacts
  • Shade Harbinger Artifacts
  • Shade Archon Artifacts
  • Arch Invader Shade Artifacts
  • Exarch Invader Shade Artifacts
One of the Death Rift Artifact Collections

One of the Death Rift Artifact Collections

[protip] Don't forget that most artifacts are not soulbound and can therefore be traded between your own characters, with friends, or even bought and sold on the auction house. This means that you can complete most sets easier, or make a lot of platinum by selling those hard to find rare (blue) artifacts.[/protip]


There are several achievements that can be earned from the Death Rifts that open throughout Telara. The major ones are as follows below, with many other achievements that can be earned by completing the various Death Rift based zone events mentioned earlier.

  • Shadebound Achiever - Complete the following four achievements
  • Shadebound Champion - Close 75 Death Rifts
  • Shadebound Collector - Complete all 5 Death artifact collections
  • Shadebound Defense - Defeat 500 Death invasions
  • Shadebound Rescue - Defeat 100 Death Footholds

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