Might Meets Magic

Don't you just hate those pesky little casters? You know the ones: they
shoot a fireball at you and then duck around a corner just out of
reach. Their battle tactics are to wear you down before you can reach
them. If only there were some way to survive the initial blasts and
kill them quickly! Ah, but there is! Save-vs-DM presents the Mage

The Mage Slayer should focus on one
thing: killing enemy spellcasters as quickly as possible. As soon as
you see a spellcaster, activate Power Attack and your Action Boost to
increase either your attack bonus (if the spellcaster has a high Armor
Class) or your saving throws (if the spellcaster has very potent
spells). Charge forth and quickly dispatch the spellcaster, using Smite
Evil if possible.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016