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  • Overview
  • Minimum Level
  • Zones within Maj'Dul
  • Quests and Quest Starters
  • Heritage Quests Involving Maj'Dul
  • Soloing Opportunities
  • Opportunities for Groups
  • Faction Guide


Maj'Dul is said to have been created by the Dervish people belonging to what was once called the Isle of Ro. The dusty, sun-baked city, built within 500 years or so is home to three factions, each controlled by caliph or govenor of sorts. Each faction controls parts of the city with their own laws. Sha'ir, Maj'Duls version of the police fly around the city on carpets looking for law breakers and enforce the strongest of penaltys upon those who decide to break them.

Cutthroats hide in the shadows waiting for vunerable tourists to make a wrong turn. Pickpockets, otherwise known as street rats run the streets filching coin from unsuspecting barrashars (barrashar is the Maj'Dul term for foreigner or visiter).

Not long ago Maj'Dul was mostly home to it's own. Passage to the old Isle of Ro was said to have been discovered by the Blackhook orcs. Recent reconnaissance by the Greenhoods shows signs of the Deathfists using the Blackhooks to run timber across the see to the Rujarkian Orcs in the Sinking Sands. The Orcs are said to be the first gourp of outsiders to break through the sandstorms surrounding the isle paving the way for other races to start exploration of the sandy continent.

Many brave, foolish souls will lose their lives to the creatures and natural occurances of the Isle. Will you be next?

Minimum level:

There is no level restriction for this zone, but it is recommended that one should steer clear until they reach at least 45 and even then one would be wise to apply the buddy system to their travels. I myself have ventured into Maj'Dul as low as level 14. The location updates alone were enough to push my toon up a level, but I made sure to go in with my running shoes equipped which really didn't help because once an aggro mob sees you, you will most deffinately be killed in one shot at that level.

Zones Inside Maj'Dul:

  • Courts: There are three courts in Maj'Dul. There are the Court of Blades, Truth and Coin. You will only be able to enter one of these zones at a time if your faction level with them is "warmly".
  • Tower of the Moon: You can initiate coin quests in the tower to earn positive faction for the court you have decided to work with. The Lore and Legend: Harpy scroll can be found here also.
  • House/Apartements for Rent: Once you gain "warmly" faction with a specific court, you can purchase a license to rent a home in Maj'Dul. The only thing dangerous about this is which apartment location you chose. You might not want to pick a place nearby an enemy court. I hear they are notorious for toilet papering and egging the property of patrons they disagree with.
  • Arena: This is a whole different kind of zone. This paticular zone allows you to purchase a gladiator and fight agains friends in a First Person Shooter (FPS) style. Winning battles will reward the player with new creatures and prizes.
  • target="_blank">Peacock Club: The peacock club instance is not accessable until a number of different quests are completed first. You will be helping Peacock Lord Wad'dah Haz'Iz in this paticular zone. After helping him out you will be granted another quest from the item he gives you. Click the Peacock Club link to find more information on this zone and the quests involved.

Quest Starters:

  • Lore and Legend:
    • Lore and Legend - Harpy
      Collect this creature mastery book by
      venturing into the Tower of the Moon.  Examine a scroll lying on the table to the left of the stairs as you climb to the second floor. It should glow when you mouse over it. Examine the book in your inventory once you pick it up.
  • Normal quests:
    • href=""
      target="_blank">A Damsel in Distress:
        Start this quest by speaking to Shan (+70, +140, -120) a captive found in the Golden Scepter courtyard by the Terrorantula gang. They will let Shan go free if you are able to find all of their lost trinkets. Click the quest link to find out more about the whereabouts of the lost items.
    • href=""
        style="font-weight: normal;">This is not the name of a quest. This is the name of an NPC who can be found in Maj'Dul (-140, +150, -10). Aquim offers three different quests. href=""
      target="_blank">The Afterlife requires players to find parts of undead mobs by killing them. href=""
      target="_blank">The Unnamed One involves killing Naruem sisters for armor rewards and href=""
      target="_blank">Answering Zalara's Summons sends you out to kill monsters in the Sinking Sands with a reward of a tiny magical stuffed tiger to put in your home.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Tears Grifters:
       A Tears Grifter is one of 4 or 5 NPCs around the city of Maj'Dul. There should be at least one near by each of the courts. The Tears Grifters offer adventurers quests to gain faction coins which can be turned in at the Tower of the Moon to help raise faction with the court of your choosing. There are around 15 different quests that you can pick up from these NPCs. The nice thing about this is that you can grab quest from any grifter no matter where their location AND you pick what type of faction coin you recieve at the end of the quest.
  • Special Quests:
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Becoming a Resident of Ro: style="font-weight: normal;">  I put this paticular quest under "special" because of it's location. This quest can be started by speaking with Raniyah in Court house of the faction you have chosen (Blades, Truth, or Coin). This means that you must have gained at least "kindly" faction with your court before you can enter a court instance. You must speak to an NPC named Dharr who can be found in an instanced zone "Dharr's Residence" located in the southern part of Maj'Dul (-110, +140, +110). You will be asked to kill a Sha'ir that was exiled to the Sinking Sands (-280, -100, -240)
      then return to Dharr. You will find Dharr being attacked, kill the attacker, then speak to a Sha'ir Mesenger found near the Tower of the Moon. He will need you to atton an orb to 4 key places. Attune the items and get the rewarded Item "Call of Ro"

Heritage Quests Involving Maj'Dul

There is only one heritage quest that runs through the city of Maj'Dul which is "An Ancient Desert Power".

    • href=""
      target="_blank">An Ancient Desert Power: 
      You must be level 50 to begin this heritage quest. You'll also need a "Piece of Ancient Parchment," a semi-rare drop from Desert Madment and Lunatics (Level 45-50 in the Sinking Sands & the Pillars of Flame). Take the parchment a "Desert Expert in Maj'Dul," which turns out to be Planetologist Ahkar up the first set of stairs you come to in Maj'Dul (on the platform next to the Tower of the Moon).

      This quest actually turns out to be somewhere around 10 to 12 steps including some camping and a full raid to finish it. Click on the title "An Ancient Desert Power" link above to be taken to the TTH guide which will cover all of the steps.

Soloing Opportunities:

If you're 10-29:

  • All of the people in Maj'Dul are attackable. Don't double click anything! If you are at this level, the only thing you are going to be here for is location updates for some experience. It might be worth checking out the sites if you purchased the expansion but have never been here before. The good news is you won't have started any faction quests yet so almost everything is non aggro. Watch out for the sneaky dervish cutthroats hiding in the shadows. If ANYTHING aggro sees you, you will be dead.

If you're 30-44:

  • You are still pretty much a tourist. Don't catch aggro.

If you're 45-60:

  • At this point you can start attacking some of the patrons that live in the city. You should very well know by now that you need to stay away from triple up mobs if you are by yourself. You should be able to decide what faction you want to work for, kill some monkeys when you're board and get your faction quests started.

Grouping Opportunities

Grouping is a good idea.

Around level 10-44:

  • There really is no point for a group at these levels unless you like to die along side your friends. Hey, sometimes it's funnier that way.

style="font-weight: normal;">Around level 45-60:

  • Level 45 is borderline here. If you are in a good group, your CAs or Spells should hit most of the mobs, but you still might see red with some of the tougher mobs. At 46+ most everything should be from white to orange and you'll have a better chance at getting your attacks off. Get a group of similar players working with the same court and get moving on those faction quests. You can take over enemy towers to win favor with your court. Bonk pocket pickers over the head without fear of dying. This is where you should really truly be to get much done in the city.

Maj'Dul Faction

Within the city of Maj'Dul lies three factions: Blades, Truth, and Coin. Each of these factions wrestle for dominance, and exercise control over certain sections of town. The Court of Blades is the local militant force which guards the city against threats (similar to the Freeport Militia for you EQ1 Players). The Court of Truth has the role of local law enforcement and they appreciate you not littering. Finally, the Court of Coin represent the mercantile and banking interests of the city.

You'll start out at a "threatningly" level of faction with all three which will allow you to move about Maj'Dul unaccosted (except for thieves). When you do finally make your choice and gain faction the other two will immediately attack you on sight so be sure before you choose. You can always switch factions but you'll never be in a truly neutral position again. Consult with guildmates or people you regularly group with, because a lot of this content will require you to be the same faction.

How to get Faction

Once you've decided on a Court it's time to show your loyalty! First you make your check out to...just kidding. You have three avenues of earning some love. First, by doing quests given by the factions. The earliest ones, are given by reprsentatives down at the dock in Sinking Sands. These quests are great for xp, some money, and faction.

Your second option lies in very simply killing guards of other Courts. Now the goodwill you'll gain on them is miniscule if even exsistant but they will drop coins ( we'll get to those in a second) which you should scoop up immediately. Obviously don't kill guards of your own faction even if they "eyeball" you like they do me. Keep an eye out for the Sha'ir who is a level 61 heroic. He will make sure to educate you on the anti-brawling laws in town while he rips you a new one.

Your final option is to find a Tears Grifter (multiple locations in town) and complete a randomly selected quest in an instanced in town. The reward for this quest in addition to experience and loot, is 4-7 faction coins (I swear I'm getting to an explanation of them!). These are all solo quests and some of them can be difficult for classes with sub-par soloing abilities (*cough* Templar *cough*).

The Tears Grifters will assign you a new quest about every 30 minutes and you can find the instances for them at loc (-142, 134), loc (-160, 109), and (10, -55). There is no lockout timer on these, but but you will have to restart whatever quest you haven't finished if you leave or die.

Ok! Stop yelling and put down that frying pan! All these coins you are collecting, which hopefully aren't from your won court, need to be taken to the Tower of the Moon (-150, -149). On the first floor as soon as you walk in you'll see a representative for each faction. Talk to yours of course and select an option to turn in 1, 5, or 10 coins. Rinse and repeat until you've exhausted your supply. Each one is about 100 faction points so you'll need tons to get your numbers all the way up. These are just like "insert trendy card battle game" so you can trade these coins with your friends until you get all you need.

Faction Rewards

Let's get down to it. Other than the ability to rag on your friends who chose differently than you, why would you want to join any Court at all? Your first big reward for your efforts, will come when you reach kindly faction and gain access to the faction houses.

What is a faction house? Oh, the gloriousness of the faction house is difficult to describe. You can find the factions houses located for the Blades at (loc -16, 116),Coins at (loc 155,-20), or Truth at (loc -178,0). Each faction house is set up differently but all the wonders are the same. First you will have the convience of a banker, mailbox, and mender for your transportation, storage, and "my group got my killed too many times" needs. Since these aren't available to anyone outside of a faction house in Maj'Dul I'd call this pretty handy.

You need the pot sweetened? Ok then how about some merchants? Those are everywhere you say? Not like these. First we have the faction merchant who will sell the advanced T6 crafting recipes. For those of us who don't really craft, he's a great place to dump off that stuff you can't sell on the broker.

Wait! There is more! Remember all those status loot items you run around to different parts of the city to sell? Look no further as this merchant will purchase them all! A few other merchants will also sell you the App 2 versions of any Combart Arts and Spells you would receive in the Tier 6 range.

The last merchant, is the Court Treasures who will sell you items unable to be earned/purchased anywhere else. House pets, catalogs, special armor, residency licenses, and mounts are all available depending on how high your faction is.

What else could this wonderous house hold? Brokers from both sides (beware they both charge the markup no matter what city is your own), and tons of quests. One of the quests like Becoming a Citizen of Ro will give you a new call spell that will take you to Maj'Dul. Most others will provide you with a pretty significant faction boost.

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