Masterful Macros!

By: Tony “RadarX” Jones

To some players, macros are frightening creations of individuals who take their game very seriously. To others, they are a time saving tool used to improve gameplay. The macro system in EverQuest 2 has always been a little confusing to those who don't use it frequently. Filled with commands like “%T” and “use ability,” one little typo could break things completely and frustrate even the most veteran player.

There is good news coming in Game Update 33 it seems! The macro system has been revamped and appears to be a lot easier to work with. No, it's not going to remove the need to type specific commands, howeverit should be fairly intuitive for people who want to do simple stuff. Take a look at my example below:

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Option #1 – Command

This works exactly like the current macro system. It provides you a line to type in whatever command you'd like. This would provide you the flexibility to do anything the current system does. I put in a line to tell my group how easy macros were now.

Option #2 – Spell/Ability

This used to require complicated commands and typing precision, but now it's just drag and drop from your Combat Ability/Spell list. This means no more “use ability commands” which can get annoying if the macro is complex enough. In this example, I make my group comment, then use my stealth ability.

Option #3 – Equip Item

Want to equip an item to use a special ability then go back to your original setup? Now you can do it easily! Equip Item is the third option on the new macro menu, and just requires you to drag an item from your inventory. It even allows you to select the slot you desire in the case of dual wield weapons.

Option #4 – Use Item

The last option available is one to use an item. I have to admit while this one sounds really convenient I'm not sure how practical it will be. If you have an item you want to use in your macro, this command allows you to click and drag it.

As you can see, they have made extensive modifications to make it easier for the average player to use macros. While it may not make converts of the old fashioned clickity click, I can see it simplifying the process for people who like to tinker. Keep your eyes open for these changes coming in Game Update 33 some time next month.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016