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1.1 - General Group makeup and tactics

1.2 - Map of the Molten Core

Section 2 - The Bosses

2.1 - Boss 1- Lucifron

2.2 - Boss 2- Magmadar

2.3 - Boss 3- Gehennas

2.5 - Boss 4- Garr

2.4 - Boss 5- Baron Geddon

2.6 - Boss 6- Shazzrah

2.7 - Boss 7 - Golemagg

2.8 - Boss 7 - Sulfuron Harbinger

2.9 - Boss 9 - Majordomo

2.10 - Boss 10 - Ragnaros

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Lucifron is a large naga mage, the first boss in Molten Core. This is also the easiest boss in the Molten Core.

Lucifron's Abilities

Lucifron has several abilities that he uses in the fight. They are as follows:

Impending Doom: This is a 2000 point shadow damage DoT. The damage is all done at the end of the 10 second timer not spread out over the 10 seconds. So you should get a priest to remove it quickly and you wont take any damage.

Area Effect Curse: Doubles the cost of abilities before talents are considered. Mage/Druid should remove.


Pull the two guards to the back/south of the cave. Tank + healers occupy Lucifron while guards are taken down.

The guards can mind control, be ready to dispel the mind controlled player. If a warrior is controlled, intimidating shout will be used and will cause problems. Counter this by using intimidating shout as the fight begins to activate the cool down. The guards can be killed quickly.

Tank party: This will be a tank and priest/druids. They will keep the curses and Impending Doom off their party while healing the tank. The healers need to work out a rotation beforehand. This party's ONLY duty is to stay alive so Lucifron is tanked.

Once the guards are dead, the raid will focus on Lucifron. Priest primary duty will be busy keeping Impending Doom off party members, so use a bandage when you can. Druids primary duty will be curse removal, healing secondary; combat rez if needed (tank party/healers most important, then curse removers).

Most important to de-curse / dispel: Priest/Druid/Tank
Secondary de-curse / dispel targets: Paladin/Mage/Warlock
Least important: Warrior/Rogue/Hunter

The rest of the party will be attacking Lucifron. Hate control is important, and use of bandages is important - the healers will be busy. If mana becomes low, healers should focus on removing curses from themselves, keeping the tank alive, and allowing the curse to remain on the non healing, non tanking raid members. Impending Doom MUST be removed from any raid member though. The non-healing, non-tanking raid members can wand / auto attack in the worst case.

Lucifron's Loot Table

Like the other "Flamewaker" bosses, Lucifron shares most of his loot with Gehennas, Shazzran, and the Sulfuron Harbringer.

Tier 1 Armor Pieces

Loot Drops


Name Slot Type Bonuses
Sorcerous Dagger MH Dagger

42.1 DPS
39-79 Damage
1.40 Speed

+8 Stamina
+17 Intellect
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 20

Crimson Shocker Range Wand

73.2 DPS
102-191 Damage
2.00 Speed

+10 Intellect
+10 Fire Resistance


Name Slot Type Armor and Bonuses
Wristguards of Stability Wrist Leather

86 Armor

+24 Strength
+8 Stamina

Helm of the Lifegiver Head Leather

324 Armor

+14 Stamina
+30 Intellect
+9 Spirit

Equip: Increases healing doneby spells and effects by up to 42.

Manastorm Leggings Legs Cloth

85 Armor

+19 Stamina
+14 Intellect

Robe of Volatile Power Chest Cloth

102 Armor

+10 Stamina
+15 Intellect
+10 Spirit

Equip: Improves your chance to get a critical strike with spells by 2%
Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 23.

Salamander Scale Pants Legs Leather

171 Armor

+14 Intellect
+14 Stamina
+10 Fire REsistance

Equip: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 51
Equip: restores 9 mana per 5 sec

Flamewalker Legplates Leg Plate

748 Armor

+18 Strength
+22 Stamina
+11 Fire Resistance
+11 Shadow Resistance
Equip: Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 1%


Name Type Bonuses
Heavy Dark Iron Ring Ring 110 Armor
+20 Stamina
Equip: Increased Defense +5
Ring of Spell Power Ring Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 33.

Choker of Enlightenment

Unique to Lucifron!

Necklace +9 Stamina
+10 Intellect
+10 Spirit


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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