The Midsummer Fire Festival is a seasonal holiday in World of Warcraft that celebrates the Summer Solstice. It runs two weeks, starting on June 21st and ending on July 5th. The event has players juggling torches, lighting bonfires, attacking enemy bonfires, a full set of seasonal items, and an epic fight against the Frost Lord Ahune.

The majority of the holiday related achievements focuses on going through Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, and Outland assaulting enemy bonfires (stomping them out) and honoring allied bonfires. The rest of the holiday focuses on the collection of Burning Blossoms which acts as a currency for the holiday themed items. Lord Ahune, the seasonal boss, drops ilvl 480 cloaks.

New in 2013

There is achievements for Pandarian flames (not required for the meta), new ilvl 480 cloaks, and runs from June 21st until July 5th.

New in 2012

There are now achievements for Cataclysm and Northrend. In addition, a new hat is now available.

New in Cataclysm

There are neutral bonfires located in the Cataclysm zones with the Earthen Ring which give 15 Burning Blossoms. Ahune has ilvl 353 items. There have been no other changes, other than the bonfires being moved around slightly.

Midsummer Fire Festival Overview

  • Bonfires are located through Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, and Northrend. You can honor your faction's flames or extinguish the opposing faction's flames for money and Burning Blossoms.
  • Ribbon Poles provide a 10% experience boost when dancing with them that can last up to a full hour in addition to zone wide buffs that allow you to deal additional fire damage.
  • Burning Blossoms can be turned into vendors for holiday related loot or be used to ignore bonfires and provide your faction a zone wide bonus.
  • Lord Ahune resides in the Slave Pens and offers ilvl 232 cloaks, a staff, and a new companion pet in addition to 2 Frost emblems daily.
  • Daily Quests provide additional gold and Burning Blossoms and are located in your capital cities for some quick and easy cash.

Achievement Walkthrough (Skip)

  • The Flame Keeper (Horde) / The Flame Warden (Alliance)
    The meta-achievement that requires all of the Midsummer Fire Festival achievements to be completed.
  • Burning Hot Pole Dance
    You will need 400 Burning Blossoms to buy all three pieces of the Summer Outfit (Vestment/Sandals of Summer and Mantle of the Fire Festival). Then spin on a ribbon pole.
  • Desecration of the Alliance / Desecration of the Horde
    You will need to complete all three extinguishing achievements in order to gain this one.
  • Extinguishing Kalimdor
    Extinguish all of the opposing faction's flames in Kalimdor.
  • Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms
    Extinguish all of the opposing faction's flames in the Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Extinguishing Outland
    Extinguish all of the opposing faction's flames in Outland.
  • The Fires of Azeroth
    You will need to complete all three Flame Keeper achievements in order to get this one.
  • Flame Keeper of Kalimdor
    Honor all of your faction's flames in Kalimdor.
  • Flame Keeper of Eastern Kingdoms
    Honor all of your faction's flames in Eastern Kingdoms.
  • Flame Keeper of Outland
    Honor all of your faction's flames in Outland.
  • King of the Fire Festival
    You must complete 'A Thief's Reward' which requires you to steal the flames from the opposing faction's capital cities.
  • Ice the Frost Lord
    Defeat Lord Ahune.
  • Torch Juggler
    Take 10 Juggling Torches and use them within 15 seconds on the ground below your character. That will make you juggle over 40 torches within 15 seconds. This has to be done in Dalaran.

Ribbon Poles & Buffs

Each bonfire has a ribbon pole that you can right click and dance on. The ribbon pole is part of the achievement 'Burning Hot Pole Dance' and gives the Ribbon Dance buff which increases experience gained by 10% for 3 minutes. Every 3 seconds on the pole increases the buff up until a one hour duration.

Bonfire's Blessing is the result of your faction controlling a burning bonfire. It gives you a 30% chance to inflict 10 Fire damage per level (800 at level 80) on any ranged/melee/or spell attack.

Lord Ahune

You can see our Lord Ahune guide right here that gives you all of the details about this icy monster.

Festival Vendor Items

The following a list of items you can purchase with Burning Blossoms. You can no longer return items that you've bought.

Item Cost
Novelty items
Fiery Festival Brew 2
Juggling Torch (x5) 5
Handful of Summer Petals 2
Fire-toasted Bun (x5) 5
Elderberry Pie (x5) 5
Midsummer Sausage (x5) 5
Bag of Smorc Ingredients (x5) 5
Toasted Smorc (x5) 5
Clothes & Misc
Mantle of the Fire Festival 100
Vestment of Summer 100
Sandals of Summer 200
Brazier of Dancing Flames 350
Captured Flame (Companion Pet) 350


There are bonfires located throughout the world in World of Warcraft during the Midsummer Fire Festival. Allied bonfires (bonfires located near your faction's town) can be honored while enemy bonfires can be extinguished, both for a reward. Visiting every bonfire in Azeroth and Outland results in a massive amount of gold in addition to counting towards the meta-achievement for the Midsummer Fire Festival.

Capital City Bonfires

There are four "quests," one for each opposing capital city. Once you loot a flame it will offer you a quest to return the flame back to your capital city. You simply have to go to each capital city's bonfire and "loot" it. It has a 1 second cast time so you should be able to do it by either stealthing in and doing it really quickly or dying by the bonfire, resurrecting, and using the few seconds before anyone can target you to loot the flame.


  • Orgimmar: Located in the Valley of Wisdom near Mannoroth's armor.
  • Undercity: In the courtyard.
  • Silvermoon City: All the way in the back, located in the Court of the Sun.
  • Thunder Bluff. On the Spirit Rise.


  • Stormwind: North of the Mage Quarter.
  • Ironforge: Hall of Explorers, be careful going up the hill.
  • The Exodar: Inside The Crystal Hall.
  • Darnassus: Inside of Rut'theran Village, you don't even have to go inside.

World Bonfires

Simply use the achievement tracker to get a list of cities and travel city to city. Each bonfire is located somewhere near the city and you should be able to visit most without even pulling any guards.


Capital City Quests

  • The Spinner of Summer Tales
    Breadcrumb quest to take you to a Festival Talespinner/Loremaster who starts 'Incense for the Festival Scorchlings.' Is an optional quest.
  • Incense for the Festival Scorchlings (1 Burning Blossoms)
    Turn this quest in outside of a city to a Scorchling. Only awards 1 Burning Blossom.
  • [Daily] Torch Tossing (5 Burning Blossoms)
    You will need to use a Torch and throw it into one of the marked braziers. You must hit 8 targets within the allotted time.
  • [Daily] Torch Catching (5 Burning Blossoms)
    You need to light your torch at the bonfire then throw it up in the air and catch it. You must catch it four times in a row. You can see where it's going to land by looking at the shadow on the ground.

Twilight Hammer Chain

  • Unusual Activity
    Accept this quest from any Earthern Ring Elder who will give you a Totemic Beacon. Go to the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale and kill the Twilight Hammer located there. Loot a Twilight Correspondence to complete the quest. Use your beacon in order to summon a guide who will accept the quest and give you a new one.
  • An Innocent Disguise
    Use the orb and go to 9,12 in Ashenvale and wait for the quest to complete.
  • Inform the Elder
    Return to a capital city and turn the quest in.

From there you will be given a daily quest that will award 10 Burning Blossoms each. The daily quest most players will do is:

  • Striking Back (67+)
    Go to 84,47 in Hellfire Peninsula, use the stone, and then kill the Glacial Templar that spawns.

Well that's all there is to the Midsummer Fire Festival. Why not come by our community forums and share your experiences with this holiday?

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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