Mithaniel Marr Deity Quest Guide

Guide By: Savanja


Mithaniel Marr. If there ever were a white knight, this deity would be it! Marr embodies all that is noble and true, which is why he is privileged with carrying the fabled sword, aptly named "The Truthbringer".

Marr is undeniably good, aligned only with other Gods of honor such as Quellious and Tunare, so only those classes that are of good alignment may choose Marr as their Deity. This God is a great choice for Paladins or other fighters that wish to be more offensive, yet wish to uphold all that is virtuous in this world.

I had originally chosen Quellious as my deity, but I do believe I will switch to Marr for my monk after completing this series of quests.

Happy questing!

You begin with speaking with Sir Bayden Cauldthorn who can be found in the tree house city of Kelethin (loc 167, 111, 95). He will be your go to guy for this series of quests. Hail him and listen to his speech to get started.


Building an Altar of Valor (level 20) - Bayden hands you a shovel and sends you off to collect stones from various monuments around Norrath. These will be found at
-The Statue of the Mourned (loc -590, -48, -628) near the Commonlands dock griffon tower.
-Statue of the Forgotten (loc 171, -46, 262) just east of Valmarr in the Commonlands.
-Fallen Tower of Marr in the Graveyard zone outside of Freeport.
-The Faydark's Champions monument underneath Kelethin (loc 264, 57, 130).

Once you have gathered all of these things, return them to Bayden to receive your reward.

Reward: Humble Altar of Mithaniel Marr and faction towards Marr.


Beacon of Courage (level 35 heroic) - You need to head to Crushbone Keep for this one. Crushbone is a heroic zone, so if you may need help with it. The mobs to be killed are all level 25ish heroics. You'll need Crushbone legionnaires, D'Vinnian Dragoons, dreadguard knights. These can all be found on the upper level.

Once you have slayed those mobs, you need to release the fae and a wood elf. These are all found on the lower most level in the jails. Grab the keys on the wall from behind the jailor and use them to open the cells of the fae, you have to hail them to get them to leave. Then grab the wood elf. You need to lead her to the door that goes back to Greater Faydark, but you don't actually have to zone. And you aren't done yet! You still have to go kill Vindicator Crush!

Make your way to the Throne Room and follow these directions. The Throne Room is a 35ish heroic instanced zone.

1. Speak with Lady Elizara D'Kush.
2. Kill a watchful sentry, (57, -6, -15)
3. Go through the unlocked door (-41, -9, -67)
4. Kill a watchful sentry (-68, -9, -59)
5. Open movable wall at end of hall. (-64, -9, -162)
6. Kill Ograf the Deft in Gladiator Training Hall (-76, -9, -184)
7. Go through the unlocked door (-18, -9, -142)
8. Kill General V'Narr (18, -10, -97)
9. Go through the unlocked door (26, -9, -96)
10. Kill a watchful sentry (62, -9, -96)
11. Go through the unlocked door (26, -9, -113)
12. Follow hall to the Throne Room

You may then return to Bayden for your well earned reward.

Reward: Neck piece, and faction towards Marr.


Eternal Rivalries (level 50 heroic) - Bayden wishes for you to poke at Marr's enemies. What fun! You'll need to find your way out to the Temple of Solusek Ro in Lavastorm to place lions about the temple.

-First location is the balcony overlooking Tazgar (loc -334, -39, -642).
-And while you're here, place the lion on Tazgar's platform.
-Then you need to place a lion in the Library found off to the left of Tazgar's platform, facing the stairs (-437, -61, -669).
-Then place the last lion in the forge (loc -242, -60, -667).

Return to Bayden for an update.

He then sends you to destroy foci statues in the Temple of Cazic-Thule. These are found on top of the pyramids. Go up the stairs from the entrance, look on the tops of the two smaller pyramids on the left and the right. Now head back down the stairs and go underground for the other two. The foci will be found in the northernmost rooms, one on the east side (loc -57, -19, -108), the other on the west side (58, -19, -108). Once all four have been destroyed, you need to slay Coalescence of Dread, a level 50 ^^^ found in the Pool of the Dread, which is mid zone underground (loc 0, 3, -7). You'll stumble upon it on your way back from the last two foci.

Return to Bayden to complete this quest!

Reward: Summon a Valiant Beast and faction towards Marr.


A Deeper History of the Truthbringer (level 65) - You further your favor with Marr by accepting another task from Bayden. This time you will be searching for some history. Your first stop is Everfrost where you will hunt for the broken pieces of the ferry that used to connect Halas to Everfrost. If you played EQ1, then you will be a little shocked to find that the ferry pieces are all the way up by Permafrost. I don't recall Halas being that close to Permafrost, but I digress. You'll find these pieces on the water's bottom (loc 234, -96, -1554), on the northernmost area of water past Permafrost.

Next you need to find the grave of Corsan Dushire in Somborn, located in the Loping Plains. The grave is in the graveyard, obviously (loc -453, 15, 72). He will spawn when you examine his grave and will lead you to a nearby camp of Bummer Gang mobs. When you get there, the grave robbing bandit will spawn, kill him!

Return to Bayden with the materials that you have collected. And then, because you are something akin to Marr's personal bouncer, you need to go slay the Smokehorn Champion. You can find this mob in the Steamfont Mountains within the Smokehorn Crater found in the south end of the zone (loc -899, 56, 1545).

Return to Bayden for your quest reward!

Reward: Bayden's Altar of Mithaniel Marr and faction towards Marr.


The Trials of the Truthbringer (level 70 heroic) - Finally, the last quest! But make no mistake, Marr doesn't make proving yourself all that easy.

Before you can go through your trials, you need to take care of a threat. An knight of the Faceless, named Thulelord Slazz Dralax, needs to be taken care of, and he is to be found inside the Estate of Unrest. He's easily spotted on the right side of the yard, and is a level 71 ^^^ . I've had some say that you need to clear that side to get him to spawn, but he was already up when I got in there.

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Marr Cloak Reward

Once this task is completed, return to Bayden. You will now continue on with your trials, the trials of Courage, Honor, and Valor. The trials take place in an instance in the southernmost part of Greater Faydark (loc -115, 82, 568). You'll need to use the emblem that was given to you, so be sure to have that handy.

For Courage, you will use the emblem to defeat the waves of mobs that come at you. You want to try to get them when they aren't too close because they will fear you, and its annoying.

For Honor, you must uphold your honor by denying him what he asks for (the little cheater!). Simply answer no to all of his requests.

For Valor, you must stand strong against the waves of mobs..however, they will become more and more difficult and you will eventually fall in death. I tried this several different ways to see what the minimum requirements were. You can't get away with killing just one mob, you have to kill at least 2, otherwise you fail the trial and have to start over (spawning in the Nursery, running back, and redoing all of the trials). But they keep adding on, so it can be tough for some of us less than sturdy classes. As a monk, I feigned after the first was dead, let my health rise, then killed a second, and that did it for me. The rest will kill you, but you won't need to revive. Once you are up again, Bayden shows up. Hail him to complete this quest series.

Reward: The Cloak of Valor (has a chance of casting Countenance of Marr. Increases strength of caster by 50, increases damage per second of caster by 15.), and faction towards Marr.


Good luck to you on your journey in proving yourself to the great Mithaniel Marr! If you have any questions or comments on this guide, please do drop me a note!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016