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The mystic is a healer class, but not in the typical sense. Along with healing damage dealt to the tank, the mystic reduces or even prevents the damage from occuring in the first place. This is done by using ward spells that absorb the damage, spells that reduce the mobs ability to do damage, and spells that debuff the mob to make it more susceptible to damage. The mystic can also cast direct damage (DD) and damage over time (DoT) spells to push the enemy toward it's untimely death. Having a mystic in a group changes the tempo for killing mobs. By using the mystic's spells, a high level, fast hitting, high damaging mob can be transformed into a weak, slow hitting, low damaging bowl of quivering jello. Under the influence of a mystic's spells, the mob cannot do the type of damage it would otherwise dished out to the group. After all, there is always room for jello.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016